Rosie's Review of ERASE

  1. Thumbs up Rosie's Review of ERASE

    One bottle of Erase down . . . And many more to come! . . .

    What is it?

    * Erase Cortisol!
    * Increase Testosterone!
    * Erase Fat Storage!
    * Increase Fat Loss!
    * Increase Muscle Mass!
    * Increase Sex Drive!
    * Increase Recovery!

    For more information on the product, please review Performance Enhancing Supplements: ERASE

    Body Composition: 8/10. Every week I have been using Erase, my training has been BELOW Maintenance training, whereas my diet has not changed, which tells you how effective Erase was. There was a gradual increase in body composition to 9.9% bodyfat over the first two weeks, but the final week using Erase saw a decrease in body composition back to 9.5% bodyfat at 116 pounds, leaving me with a final gain of one pound at a ratio of 9.6 to 1 increase in lean mass (+ 0.905 pounds) and bodyfat (+ 0.095 pounds) respectively, and technically "no" change in body composition. Considering my training and nutrition, this is interesting AND impressive . . . My arms grew whilst using Erase - even though not a lot, it makes a difference re look, and the stretchmarks just above my elbow crease and biceps insertions, as well as increase in arm girths, are testament to that . . . Note that the final week my Erase dosage was 5 caps daily - with one cap pre-bed, as opposed to the 3-4 caps and no pre-bed dose that it was during the first and second weeks respectively . . .

    Cortisol Levels: N/A. Although I would have liked to see the changes in my Cortisol levels from pre to post-Erase, I did not have bloods done. I will note that my stress levels are ALWAYS HIGH, and the last three weeks have been more stressful than most, and yet my body composition has remained "unchanged".

    Testosterone Levels: N/A. Although I would have liked to see the changes in my Testosterone levels from pre to post-Erase, I did not have bloods done.

    Recovery: 8/10. My recovery has been interesting - bear in mind that, although training was just under Maintenance, it WAS a new training split I was using . . . Adding in the dose pre-bed gave me the best sleep - deeper and more restful than ever . . . Do note that I was also using IGF-2, which plays a huge role in my recovery, so Erase cannot be solely attributed with effects here . . .

    Libido: 11/10. Even BETTER than when I was using T-911 - my libido has been INsatiable during the last three weeks, despite the circumstances (which is interesting in itself). My body has been ready and responsive, and it's been the most and best sex ever!

    Other Effects: 10/10. The most noticeable effects of Erase - aside from those already mentioned - were on my joints and with water retention prevention . . . Even though I started Erase immediately after finishing Triazole, my joints started getting better (they were not the best - very dry), and also as it got colder and my dose of Erase increased, my joints kept improving considerably re looseness. I noticed the effects on my joints the best at 5 caps (i.e. 125mg of 3,7-keto DHEA) daily, which is interesting, considering that decreasing cortisol generally means negative effects re joints . . . When I started dosing Erase pre-bed, the lack of water retention to the following day got more noticeable, especially since I have the bulk of my carbohydrates and a LOT of carbohydrates in the few hours pre-bed. Do note that I was also using Shred Matrix - although effects were definitely more noticeable when using 5 caps and a pre-bed dose of Erase . . . Strength also increased as I was using Erase - but one of my training focuses was ON gaining strength . . .

    Overall: 9.5/10. Erase is an excellent recomp product! I actually noticed the best results re body composition and joints with Erase when I was dosing at 5 caps daily and added the extra cap in pre-bed. Interestingly enough, at 5 caps daily, my joints were better than they were when I was using Osteo-Sport, which says a LOT. Erase gets "extra" points for the positive effects re joints and sleep . . . The only downside to the product for me personally is that I have to use 5 caps to make the progress I want, which means a bottle will only last 18 days . . .

    Would I use again? Yes. I actually want to Erase as a STAPLE!

    Would I recommend? Definitely.

    This review can also be found at post #102 of my log, The REVOLUTION of the Female Terminator CONTINUES with ERASE in the Supplement Reviews/Logs subforum.

    My Thoughts on Performance Enhancing Supplements Performance Enhancing Supplements is a young company with only TWO products. However, those two products are EFFECTIVE and BOTH of them I have used with excellent results. Performance Enhancing Supplements proves that you don't need to have an extensive line-up to make an impression - their products speak for themselves re results, and the company name and recognition will only get bigger and better. Already, Alpha-T2 has become a STAPLE in my supplement arsenal, and Erase is going to be!

  2. I blanked out after the libido part.

  3. damn, rosie. 5 a day??? wow!!!

    those are very nice results, and i would be willing to bet your husband has been very happy lately.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by southpaw23 View Post
    I blanked out after the libido part.
    Just ONE effect of Erase - look at the REST . . .

    Quote Originally Posted by thebigt View Post
    damn, rosie. 5 a day??? wow!!!

    those are very nice results, and i would be willing to bet your husband has been very happy lately.
    Yeppers - 5 caps a day gave me the best results


  5. i know you are very fond of t-911 and the libido boost from it-that's high praise for you to rate erase above it. those are very impressive results-i know you are very aware of your body-test or no test!!!

    best of luck, rosie



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