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  1. Quote Originally Posted by Legacyfighter View Post
    well I've been cutting for about 10 weeks, and i've lost about 13 lbs. So far, I'm staying exactly where i want to be when it comes to weight loss. I've got about 6 more weeks and another 7lbs to lose. If i step in the Bod Pod next monday and see that i'm losing muscle mass, i'll be upping the cals a bit. I want to be finished with my cut by the end of this 6 weeks. IF I decide I want to get leaner still, i'll carry it out through January if i have to.

    I'm definitely thinking that I will have to up the calories. Like I said though, that decision will be made in 1 week.

    Oh, and IF my fat lost progress stalls, I will be adding in cardio. I will keep my calories up as long as fat loss continues with the addition of cardio. My goal is to lower calories as little as possible. I'd like to keep it between 2500-3000 on average. This is for many reasons: it should keep my metabolism up, it she reduce post diet weight gain, it will keep me in a better mood, it should allow me to maintain/ build muscle, and I won't be hungry.
    sounds good.

    good luck.

    damn-sorry about the double post!!!

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  2. Day 10

    My libido was about normal today, maybe up a tad still. I've been taking 3 Erase a day and 3 AT2 a day. I haven't noticed a heating effect, but I definitely notice an increased hear rate while working out. I do appear to be leaning out a bit. I haven't noticed any dry joints yet on 3 a day. I was really hoping to get those, so I know its really working. If i don't get dry joints after another week, i'll try out 4 a day for a little bit.

    Today's workout

    Olympic Squat: 135x10,225x8,245x8,265x8,285x5 (couldn't find the groove)
    RDL: 225x6,245x6,265x6,285x6
    Sumo Leg Press: 495,585,675,765x6
    Leg Extension: 135x10,10,10,10

    My hamstrings were definitely sore from yesterday, so squats were a tad bit out of the groove. RDL's felt really good. I got a really nice stretch and could really feel the hamstrings contracting on each rep. Sumo leg wasn't as strong as it used to be, but that will come back in no time.

  3. Day 11

    Libido was normal again today. Acne is still somewhat sporadic, just really small breakouts on my chest and back. I still appear to be drying out, but my joints feel as good as ever, so I could probably up the Erase again, but I will hold off on it till at least next week. I had a buddy convince me to try Jacked today before my workout. He gave me two scoops, I waited about 10 minutes and got to work. I got a slight heating effect from it right before I started lifting, maybe a very light tingle. I definitely felt a little more in the zone during my sets. After my workout is when I really noticed its effects. I was still hot 3 hours after my workout, and 1 hour post exercise my HR was 88 bpm, 2 hours it was 77. Usually mine would be down to about 70 after an hour. My normal resting heart rate is 46-50, so this was a pretty good increase.

    Today's Workout;

    Front Squat: 135,145,155,165x10 (felt much better than usual, but i suck at these)
    Hack Squat: 135,225,225,275,275x10
    Standing Calves: 140x10,10,10
    Leg Ext: 130x10,145x10,160x10 drop to 130x6 drop to 85x15

    My legs were effectively dead after this session. During my drop set on leg ext I did as many full range of motion reps as possible, then did as many partials as possible. DOing these in the bottom half of the range of motion really fire up my vastus lateralis. I'm hoping they will help spur some growth. Again I had really good focus in the gym today, i'm blaming this on the Jacked. Best front squat performance I've had for sets of 10.

  4. Front squats kill my legs -- nice workout!
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  5. Front squats tear my legs up pretty good too. I used to be good at them until i tore my meniscus for the first time about 4 years ago. They have been weak ever since. At least they don't hurt anymore.

  6. Day 12

    No real changes in anything today. Libido high-normal today. Acne was none. Not really a change in leanness. I did some water work for fasted cardio today.

  7. Day 13: 197 lbs

    No increased libido today. I don't appear to be anymore cut or any dryer today either. I'm hoping thats just because I had a slightly higher sodium intake yesterday. I may have some slight symptoms of overtraining, but they should go away by the time this weekend is over. I lowered the volume load today so that I would not push myself into overtraining, but i picked exercises that would still give me a good stimulus to grow.

    Today's Workout

    Bench Press: 135x10,185x5,225x5,255x5,275x3 ,3,3
    JM Presses: 45x8,65x8,85x8,95x8,8 (new exercise for me, hard to stay in the groove)
    Low Incline Flies: 45x10,10,10
    Lateral Raises: 40x8,8,8
    Reverse grip tricep ext: 50x15,60x15,70x15

    This was a pretty good session. I didn't get much sleep last night so I was a little weaker today. I used more isolation work to lower the volume load to help me recover a little better, but still provide enough stimulus to grow. I'm not sure if i like the JM presses or not yet. I've seen a lot of big bench pressers swear by them, so I will keep them in for a while.

  8. Day 14: 196lbs

    My shoulder is aching pretty good today. I'm hoping that is my sign for low estrogen. I'm going to keep dosing at 3 caps a day until this joint pain spreads to my knees. Today was my first day of fasted cardio. I did 15 minutes on the elliptical and 15 minutes on the treadmill. I kept my heart rate at about 65% of my max HR to ensure that I didn't use glycogen for fuel, but fat instead. I'll be continuing this everyday till the end of my diet. Monday I will hop in the bod pod to see how much progress i've made so far.

    Today's Workout

    A1) Bent Over rows: 135,185,195,205x8
    A2) (low pin) rack deadlifts: 225,275,285,295x8
    A3) Shrugs: 225,275,285,295x8
    B1) Lat Pullovers: 90,115,130x8
    B2) Lat Pulldowns: 150,160,170x8
    DB Curls: 45x8,8

    I had to do supersets today because I was in a rush for time. I would have gone heavier on the rack deads and the shrugs, but I didn't have straps with me. A pulling superset like that will wear out your grip FAST. Overall it was a really good session. I had a nice pump in my back and bi's, and I could really feel my lats working.

    After my cut is through, I will try to maintain that level of leanness for about 1 month before trying to add on a bit of mass. My goal for the end of next semester is to break my school's record for the isometric mid thigh pull, and to increase my squat, bench, and deadlift by at least 50lbs each.

  9. Day 15

    Went in this morning and did 30 minutes of fasted cardio. Libido has been normal again today. My serratus anterior seems to be popping out a little more, so hopefully that means i'm still dropping body fat.

  10. 2 weeks pics. They are pretty terrible pics, and they definitely do not show the amount of progress i've made very well. you can tell that my love handles are slimming down some and that my back is starting to tighten up a bit. but this really isn't good enough lighting to see any other changes. i promise the next ones will be better.
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  11. Day 16

    I hopped in the bod pod again this morning. I was not happy with the results, but I know they were off. it said I've actually gained fat mass and lost muscle mass over the last few weeks. Bod Pods are only accurate within 3%, and my guess is that last time my bf %age was reading a little low and this time its a little high. I couldn't have possibly lost much muscle mass, because I've been setting PR's like crazy, and i've definitely leaned up.

    Today, my libido was up slightly. I did 30 minutes of fasted cardio this morning. Doing this really makes me hungry, and I believe that it will help increase my GH production because of hunger. That should further enhance my fat loss. My joints are beginning to ache, but i'm going to dose 3 erase again tomorrow. If the pain gets any worse at all I will drop down to two a day. I'm really interested to see what happens when I stop taking the AT2. I keep hearing about a lot of people holding water because of it, it would be nice to see me really dry out once I stop taking it.

    Today's workout

    PL Squats: 135x10,225x5,275x3,315x3,350x6 PR
    Good Mornings: 225x5,235x5,245x5
    Natural GHR: 2x5
    Lying Leg curl: 110x8,125x8,140x8
    Calf Ext machine: 250x10,10,10 (this machine is awesome)

    I had a pretty awesome workout today. I set a rep PR on squats today. I was pretty stoked about it, and I should have gone for 1 more, oh well. GHR's hurt my knee like crazy, but I think they are worth doing just because of their effectiveness. Leg Curls went good today, I'll probably do them again tomorrow. The calf machine I used today was pretty amazing. It allowed for an even contraction throughout the range of motion and definitely fired up my calves. i'll definitely be doing those more often.

  12. Day 17: 195.5 lbs

    Libido has been pretty normal today. I still look to be getting leaner. I've started noticing slight joint pain in more places, my wrists, elbows, knees and shoulders are starting to feel it more and more. I think i'll back down to 2 Erase a day and keep the AT2 at 3 caps a day. I'm thinking the Erase may be allowing me to work out with a slightly higher intensity while dieting. Setting PR's while losing weight is awesome.

    Today's Workout:

    Olympic Squats: 135,185,225,265,305x8 PR!
    Single Leg Leg press: 225,295,365x8
    Leg Press: 365x30
    Leg Ext: 145,160,175x8 PR
    Leg Curl: 110,125,140x8 then 110x10
    Calf Ext Machine: 250,270x20
    DC Seated Calf Raise: 90x10,10

    Today was an awesome leg day. I set a very nice PR on olympic squats. The high rep leg press definitely got my legs feeling pumped. Leg extensions felt really strong today, I probably could have done another set with more weight. Leg curls tore me up as always, especially the drop set. I did the calf ext machine ballistic style today and i got a really nice burn. I finished up with the DC style seated calf raise and could barely walk after that. My legs have been shaking for the last hour or so. Definitely a great session.

  13. I have come to the conclusion that I need to start doing some direct ab work. I've always had really strong abs, and i still do. However, i think in order for me to blast this fat off i'm going to need to do some ab work. It should help hypertrophy them some, as well as help me burn more calories. I think I have shallow abs, and thats one reason there isnt much definition there yet. A little ab work never hurt anybody...

  14. Day 18

    I lowered the dose to 2 Erase and 3 AT2. This will hopefully allow my joints to start feeling better, while still helping me drop body fat. Today, I decided it was time for a refeed. Immediately after my workout (which was awesome) I ate EIGHT chicken breasts, potatoes, cole slaw, and green beans. Thats about 250g protein, 150g of carb, and about 30g of fat. I felt like I was going to puke for the next 3 hours, but it was worth it. I'm hoping that this meal will jack up my metabolism as well as my protein synthesis, at least temporarily. definitely expecting to be back to 200 tomorrow, lol.

    Today's Workout (short and sweet)

    Front Squat:135,185,205x10 PR!!!
    Hack Squat: 225x15,275x15,15,15 PR
    Leg Ext: 135x15,15,15

    I absolutely torched my quads today. I can still barely walk and I almost collapsed twice walking out of the gym. The front squats were a 20lb PR and the hack squats were a 5 rep pr. On leg extensions, I could barely move my legs because they were so pumped from the front squats and hack squats. Making strength gains while cutting = AMAZING. Definitely glad I haven't cut my carbs yet, getting stronger is awesome.

  15. Hey bro ,for the joints pain you should try fish oil caps ,believe me they help..just my .02 cents!!and keep the good work!

  16. glad to see you are getting results.

    btw-odd you would be holding water on erase, if i dose erase before bed i am up all night going to bathroom.

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  17. raulob72: i'm already dosing between 6 and 10 fish oil a day. I have to do this to keep my regular joint pain at bay. I was hoping that i would notice joint pain on erase, because that means its working.

    thebigt: I don't think its the Erase thats causing me to hold water. I think its the AT2. I've seen several other people say the same thing. I'm not too worried about it yet. I think when I strip these last 5-10lbs of fat, the water won't be an issue anymore.

  18. Quote Originally Posted by Legacyfighter View Post
    raulob72: i'm already dosing between 6 and 10 fish oil a day. I have to do this to keep my regular joint pain at bay. I was hoping that i would notice joint pain on erase, because that means its working.

    thebigt: I don't think its the Erase thats causing me to hold water. I think its the AT2. I've seen several other people say the same thing. I'm not too worried about it yet. I think when I strip these last 5-10lbs of fat, the water won't be an issue anymore.
    sorry, i didn't state my thought correctly-i was saying you shouldn't hold water on erase even if taking at-2.

    i will have to check threads, i don't remember seeing anyone saying they held water on at-2. i know i didn't when i ran it solo, and for sure i am not this time running it with the erase. not doubting your word though, there are a ton of at-2 threads.

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  19. Day 19

    Everything felt better today. Less joint pain. Libido still up a tad bit. i actually didnt gain any weight from yesterday's refeed meal. I did half an hour of fasted cardio this morning and drank 4 cups of green tea. I usually drink two cups a day.

  20. subbed bra

  21. Bench Press: 225x5,245x3,265x3,285x1,300x1, 1,1,1, 225x12
    Military Press: 95x12,105x12,115x12 (pump started on first set)
    Dips: bwx10,45x10,90x10,135x5 PR
    Tate Press: 30x10,35x10,40x6
    Lateral Raises: 30x10,10,10

    My workout was good tonight. The first set of 300 on bench felt heavy, but the next 3 felt pretty easy. I was surprised at my dips tonight, especially since I haven't done them in a while. Tate presses felt good. Next time i'll get 10 with 40lbs. Had a nice pump in my delts and tri's throughout my workout. For some reason I didn't do any chest accessory work, I'll make up for that next time.

    By the way, thanks everyone for checking out the log and giving me advice.

  22. Day 21 (yesterday)

    No workout today. The gym closed early due to homecoming celebrations. For some reason i look like i'm starting to gain some water weight back. Maybe i'm just going crazy. However, this MAY be due to the addition of AS-GT. I was chosen to log the new flavor, so now i'm keeping two logs on here.

  23. Quote Originally Posted by Legacyfighter View Post
    Day 21 (yesterday)

    No workout today. The gym closed early due to homecoming celebrations. For some reason i look like i'm starting to gain some water weight back. Maybe i'm just going crazy. However, this MAY be due to the addition of AS-GT. I was chosen to log the new flavor, so now i'm keeping two logs on here.
    the creatine in asgt MIGHT cause some water weight, but for me erase has caused me to drop a lot of water-3lbs, and i am on at-2. interesting how people react differently.

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  24. Thebigt: I thought about that, but I take creatine pretty regularly, and when I first start loading creatine, my muscles soak up all the extra water. None of it appears to be subcutaneous, until now. I think my water levels are just fluctuating like crazy. I had tons of water yesterday and last night, and I woke up this morning and my urine looked like I was dehydrated. Its weird. Today, I still look to be holding water, but a vein in my chest is popping like never before. Once I drop a few more % bf none of this will even matter, because I should look pretty dang lean. Just gotta keep on working to get there.

    Oh, and just to give everyone an idea of where I was at at the very beginning of this cut. i'm attaching some pics from the beginning of the semester.
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  25. i been reading a bunch of logs of guys running at-2 and erase. i think some of you may be reacting to at-2 the way some do to tta. if so the bloating will end after you stop the at-2 and you could expect another 2-5lb weight loss on top of what you have already dropped.

    this is just theory on my part-i don't hold water on at-2. my problem is holding water on my trt, and that seems to be much less since starting the erase.

    i would suggest running erase a week or 2 past stopping at-2????

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