Putting VasoMax to the test tomorrow

  1. Putting VasoMax to the test tomorrow

    I'll be honest...I'm quite excited to try this. Bi's/forearms tomorrow morning. Protocol will be 2 scoops VasoMax (I don't believe in moderation) and 1 cap Hydrazine for stims...that's it, no additives I.e. Citrulline, etc...straight VasoMax. Carbs...5 pieces of candy jelly slices right before I head downstairs.
    Will be doing variation of FST-7 and heavy for sets. Every set with Fat Gripz.

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    Subbed brosef...
    I'll leave a more detailed review in the review section...but...just finished 45 min bi's/forearms...let me tell you, this stuff is worth the hype and I don't impress easily. So much so, I'm going to buy 2 more at NutriVerse with the 30% off.

    Extreme fullness/pump...likes gorged feeling. My forearms are throbbing. I tend to not follow directions but this time I did....30 min before workout, drank a small Poland Spring water and only 3 jelly slices lol. Stuff is pretty lit man.

    Do you "need" 2 scoops...no...I could have sufficed with 1...I just like things extreme.

  4. Glad I ordered three then can't pass up less than 19 dollars a tub with all the discounts at NV

  5. Iím glad you enjoyed it man. The pump is great at 1 scoop, 2 should be insane, plus that gives you a huge dose of Alpha-GPC for added focus. As you know, you can pair it with any stim-based pre/thermo/coffee/etc to get whatever stimulant level you want while ensuring that you get an awesome pump.
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