Alphamax vs Alphamax XT

  1. Alphamax vs Alphamax XT

    If I have an old Alphamax laying around what would be the best way to create an 8 week stack? Which should go first?

    Worth noting, I'll be using Anabeta Elite the entire 8 weeks

  2. Are you saying you will be running one Alphamax and one Alphamax XT along ABE?
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  3. Yes. Exactly.

    I figured that would be the way to do it since I have an Alphamax in my cabinet. Is there a particular order you would do it?

    Or anything else you'd throw in there?

  4. Depends on your goals really. You could run XT first, and then original at end to take advantage of the drying effect of Arimistane.
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  5. In a caloric deficit I would save XT until the end, as it contains ashwganda which helps reduce stress / lower cortisol which would be higher in these period of [metabolic] stress.

    On a surplus it doesn't matter that much
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