Alphamax + Slinmax interactions

  1. Alphamax + Slinmax interactions

    I use Slinmax as a gda for my carb meals - all at night, pre and post workout.

    Was going to run Alphamax here shortly as part of my reverse diet.

    Given Berberine and Forskolin not playing well together, how does this schedule look to folks?

    Rest days
    6am wake - Alphamax
    9:30 - breakfast
    12:30 - Alphamax
    2:30 - lunch
    5:30 - Slinmax w/carb meal
    9:30 - Slinmax w/carb meal

    Training Days
    9:30 - breakfast
    10am - Alphamax
    2:30 lunch
    5:30 - Slinmax w/carbs pre workout
    7:30-9:30 Kick @$$
    10:00 - post workout feast (no Slinmax)
    11:00 Alphamax before bed

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


  2. Looks laid out pretty good to me. You might be able to move 2nd Alphamax dose slightly later if it's more convenient.
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  3. Awesome. Tanks!

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