Cialis and preworkouts/ fat burners

  1. Cialis and preworkouts/ fat burners

    First post,

    I'd like to try some cialis since it lasts for 36 hours I will be going to the gym during that time, does anybody which preworkouts I can and cannot take.

    I currently use olympus labs bloodshred and conquer unleashed.

    I know I can't take any nitrates with the cialis but don't know about the ingredients in the above products.

    Anybody have any knowledge or experience here?

    Many thanks

  2. How much does cialis lower blood pressure? Will I be alright to train, anybody else have any issues?

  3. Cialis and preworkouts/ fat burners

    Cialis doesn't normally lower blood pressure at all unless taken with nitrates, which you understand at this point.
    You should be fine so long as you don't take nitrates and overdo it on the stims

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