Test Booster Recommendations Please

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  1. Alphadex by myokem is a great one stack it with omegas t-force and you'd be good to gooooooo

    "Bjohnson15" at myokems site will knock 15% off your total as well
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  2. Best I've tried is AMS Arom-x.

  3. Test Booster Recommendations Please

    For my money you can't get better than Test1fy + LJ100

    Plus Test1fy has some strong natural anabolics in there in addition to the test boosters.

    I do like 3,4 divanil a lot as well if you can find a product with good quality
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  4. Looks like an old thread from 2011, but since it was brought back to life my suggestion is Alphamax XT.

    It has 3,4 divanil mentioned here, and the eurycoma (LJ) mentioned. It also has a bunch of other ingredients to help boost free test, control cortisol and estrogen, and support lean mass. Those include L-Dopa, Ashwagandha, Forskolin 95, DHAA, Boron, Ferulic acid, Vit D, ZMA. All with disclosed open label. Hard to beat!
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  5. Are you kidding me, Phytoserm is $227 for a little zinc, fadogia, bulbine natalensis, and divinil. These ingredients can be found in other products much cheaper! Hell, it would be a ton cheaper just to buy them all separately. The ingredients look decent, but the price is absurd.


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