Herbs for concentration and memory?

  1. Herbs for concentration and memory?

    Has anybody heard about rhodiola roase tablets?

  2. I take them. Wish I could tell you whether they were efficacious, but I started them alongside a ****tail of other herbals (eleuthero, schisandra, sarsaparilla, suma, and maral). I remember feeling that I had more energy soon after taking my first rhodiola capsule (I started taking them in the morning instead of the evening for this reason) and my herbal regimen has definitely improved my strength, endurance and sense of overall well-being. I recommend trying it if you're interested, it's a very affordable supplement!

    If you're interested in herbal nootrophics, you may also want to try Brahmi (Bacopa monnieri). I've personally had good results.

  3. I like Rhodiola , make sure to get a good source. 400mg once a day .
    Unfortunately after a month or so, i really feel the effects going down and down.

  4. Rhodiola is great for energy production if you have a slower metabolism, if you have a higher metabolism then you may end up skipping meals as a result.

  5. You can buy Rhodiola in bulk too but make sure it's a good source. The stuff rock IMO.


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