A-HD and Novedex XT?

  1. A-HD and Novedex XT?

    For the experts:

    I have, in my possession, a bottle of BPI Sports A-HD and Gaspari's Novedex XT (Don't ask)

    Wanted to run an OTC lean gain cycle and was wondering your thoughts on running them together.

    A-HD 1/1/1/1
    Novedex 2/2/2/2
    PES Shift 3/3/3/3

    Or should I run them separately?

  2. i wouldnt run them together cause they are both estrogen blocker/test booster. too low of estrogen isnt good either. If you wanted to run a otc lean cycle, i would run either a-hd or novedex xt stack with a test booster such as d aspartic acid for example.

  3. That's a good point, so I will run them separately. I already plan on taking a DAA and Erase stack later this year, any ideas on something to run with the a-hd I haven't tried but would be worth it for lean gains?

  4. to be honest with you, just my opinion, novedex xt is way better then a-hd due to the fact that novedex xt is a "ATD" base supplement which is proven to raise testosterone and cut estrogen levels so it should keep you lean. if you wanna run a-hd down the road, i would stack it with DAA again. if you dont make gains off DAA from your first cycle, try something else. but if DAA works, use it again down the road. why not right?

  5. DAA seems to work for me, but I've been holding off running it too often so I don't build any kind of tolerance to it. Does anyone know for sure whether I could build a tolerance or not?

  6. Nobody knows?

  7. Well, with any supplement besides the basics like protein, fish oil, multi, etc.... Daa should be used in a cycle so it can be effective each and every cycle. You can only boost sooo much testosterone naturally In one cycle. I usually do 6-8 weeks on and 6-8 weeks off.

  8. Well yea, I planned on running cycles. I was just wondering if you run every 3-4 months if you would build a tolerence to the test boosting effects.

    Which cycle do you think I should add PES Erase into the mix: DAA/A-HD or DAA/Novedex XT?

  9. Erase is a good one to add too. It helps control cortisol so it should benefit either
    Of your stack. Sounds like you are going for a lean stack. What's your stats? Weight? Age? Experience training? Supplements? And bodyfat


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