Epi vs X-Tren Cycle and PCT questions

  1. Epi vs X-Tren Cycle and PCT questions

    I am a little out of the loop as far as current information and was hoping some veterans could point me in the right direction. I am looking at running a Epistane or X-Tren cycle for atleast 4 weeks. I heard that X-tren was some pretty harsh stuff and wasnt sure if i should start out with the Epi instead. My reasoning behind starting with Tren was strictly because it wasnt a methyl. Looking to gain lean muscle over the course of this cycle (if that helps in the decision). Any advice?

    I have listed my cycle below:

    CYCLE: (4 weeks)
    X-tren: 90mg/90/120/120 ( with the 120 = 60mg before workout and 30s at rise and bed.)
    Epistane: 20mg/20/30/30 (spread evenly. Any thoughts on this method of ingestion?)

    Cycle Assist
    Novedex XT: 1 serving at bed. (Heard this was beneficial during a cycle, that is why i choose to add it. I also have a bottle of it when i thought this would be enough as a PCT, during research i know it is not)

    PCT: (4 weeks)
    Cycle Assist
    Stoked (Natty Test)
    Lean Xtreme (Cort Control)
    Clomid 40mg/40/20/20
    --> I know there is a debate on the proper dosage when converting ml to mg. For example, 3000mg, 60ml of clomid would be 1ml = 50mg. In all actuallity 1ml = 50mg (1.5) = 33.3mg so a 40mg dose would actually be 1.25ml. Can anyone confirm or point me in the right direction if this is correct of not?

    I thought this would be a good cycle to get back in the swing of PHs. Please let me know your thoughts and I greatly appreciate your help.

  2. CORRECTION: I do not have cycle assist, i have cycle support by AI.

  3. Dude epi will due. Up your dose to 30-40mg though. I took epi and everything was good, Xtren will shut you down. You will need test to run with it.

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