Follidrone Back in stock!!

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    You can build a tolerance to it, but that doesn't mean all of the effects (good & bad) are decreased. Like I said, pain tolerance amongst other things continues.
    to some extent the effects due decrease but nonetheless they stay around.
    doing my own thang!

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    I torn my labrum so I didn't workout for a year and just studied and worked all the time. I think lost to an inch and half to two inches from my arms and I had a waist size of 42"+. I got REALLY FAT!

    Right now I'm close to 10% and have added all the size back and probably a little more. It has been a VERY loooooong keto diet with lots and lots of cardio.

    I got a nerve pinch 2 weeks into being back in the gym too lol...but I worked out through it.
    wow, never thought you would have gained that much, congrats on progress though.
    doing my own thang!



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