First PH cycle: sup3r 1 / sup3r 4 for recomp

  1. First PH cycle: sup3r 1 / sup3r 4 for recomp

    Hi guys sorry for my bad english. I want to run my first ph cycle and I have decided to stack super 1 and 4 together for 4 or 6 weeks 220 +220 a day. I need to lose about 20 kg now I am 110 KG x 187 cm. I am fat but I train from about 10 years. Sup3r pct is sufficient for pct for that dosage? In my country clomid or nolva are illegal. I need arimacare pro on cycle? Thanks!

  2. Recommend you go at least 6 weeks and try for 8 weeks. It's just starting to kick in, in week 4.
    Many on here will tell you that super pct will not be enough. And it never hurts to use acp.

  3. Thanks for your opinion. And if I use only one of them at low dosage?

  4. Quote Originally Posted by troymclure View Post
    Thanks for your opinion. And if I use only one of them at low dosage?
    #1 You are dosing them too low. Up it to 330 for your first run.
    #2 4-6 weeks isn't enough you NEED 8 weeks
    #3 You should get down to at least 15%bf before you start
    #4 If you run one of them at a low might as well flush your loot.

    So to summarize...Drop down to 15%, run [email protected] and [email protected] for 8 weeks.

    Also, I would probably switch out the 4 for EPI Andro and run it at 1000 if I was planning to cut.
    @astronomical @JahCure @MG223

  5. I know i have to lose weight. I have tried S4 for about 3 weeks i have lost 5 kg with exercise and diet but too many eye sides i have to stop S4. So i have decided to abandone sarms. I want a boost to help me to lose fat and mantaine muscle at the same time. I want to avoid skin problems

  6. Don't count out sarms. Osta is used in this fashion quite frequently.


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