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Can somebody please give me an idea just how bad water retention/bloating can get on Gharine. I'm currently approaching week 12, taking 20mg ED prior to bed, on a cut. I'm not losing any inches at the waist, or the scale for that matter and constantly feel watery and bloated. I was wondering if this can be attributed to the Gharine.

After coming off of a long cycle, how much scale weight have people dropped? (as far as water).
From what i understand some people get really bloated on mk-677 and other don't or just gets it in the beginning and after about 3 weeks it goes down.

Some tips are:

- Raise potassium in your diet and see if it helps.
- Dopping the dosage to 10mg and access.
- Some have had luck with dandelion root extract.

And like @Wagz86 I also gained about 3-5 pound of extra water weight.