1. OL PCT Help

    Hi there OL reps,

    My friend and I are planning to run an 8 week run of Sup3r 1 & 4 dosed at 330mg a day.

    Was hoping I could ask for a coupon to purchase PCT items from the OL website

    PCT will also include a SERM.

    Are there any other products worth running during the cycle or best to save them for PCT?

    Thanks heaps

  2. Nutriverse has great BOGOs for OL stuff

  3. I would check out nutri as well, but if you want to try the OL site, 30%= OLYMPUS30

    Glad you have a SERM. If you want some helping with keeping the gains after, I would suggest looking into something like k1ngs blood or ep1logue. K1ngs blood is my favourite test booster from our line, and ep1logue is our new product that features a brand new anabolic ( Urolithin B).

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