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    For someone looking to gain muscle, or even retain muscle during a cut, berberine is a pretty bad idea if you are natty.


    “Berberine impairs muscle metabolism by two novel mechanisms. It impairs mitochonidrial function stimulating the expression of atrogin-1 without affecting phosphorylation of forkhead transcription factors. The increase in atrogin-1 not only stimulated protein degradation but also suppressed protein synthesis, causing muscle atrophy.”


    Btw i get its a mice study, but @xtyler and myself have used berberine a varying dosages and occasions in the past and we both always found within weeks we were noticably weaker and muscles were flatter...
    Is this a long term effect? Would berberine on rest days still be a bad idea?

  2. Quote Originally Posted by xtyler View Post
    ...OR the effect would be a sum of the two parts
    that's an option , but after seeing what tren did in 1 month id probably save assassin till after tren, but other anabolics yeah that would be good choice



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