erase on test cycle????

  1. Hey guys just putting the finishing touches on my first cycle and just have a few questions for y'all. I'm looking for clean bulk for the first 10 weeks and then slight calorie deficit to drop any excess fat and add the stano to dry up for summer ;-) My plan is as follows

    Week 1-12: test e 500mg
    (UGL so possibly underdosed that's why I'm going so high first time)
    Week 10-14: 20mg stanozlol ed
    PCT: clomid 100/50/50/25
    Nolva 20/20/10/10
    DAA 3/3/3/3

    So my question is as follows is the new erase pro a strong enough ai to run on cycle I can get adex but very dear. So I was wondering if erase would be suitable as it's said to be similar to formestain. I have never been prone to gyno on previous pro hormone cycles before but obviously test is a different level any help is always appreciated fellas thanks heaps


  2. Well that answered that lol thanks man

  3. Just grab adex or aromasin. You'll be gtg

  4. Yeah looks like my only option my source is [email protected]$*ed when it comes to adex for some reason.
    People used to recommend low dose nolva through the cycle is that poor advice because it takes too much estrogen out??
    I ask cos nolva is a very reasonable price.

    But otherwise cycle looks ok??

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  6. Would formastane be ok? Or not strong enough?
    But just back to my original question the erase pro mr cooper says it's as strong as formestane is that not true? I've given up on using it on cycle I'm more getting some info now. Lol

  7. Also what would the downside be to the nolva on cycle? Would it become more of an issue in pct?
    If it can't bind it still prevents gyno related sides etc??
    I'm just getting info now and get more of an understanding of the old school methods of running a cycle and why we shouldn't do it that way anymore.
    Cheers for the info again guys so much to learn

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  9. Thanks... I do know the differences between the drugs I was trying to understand the interactions while on cycle and you answered that for me thanks man I was figuring out why they used to recommend what they did.
    Cheers looks like it's adex for me recommended doses?

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  11. Thanks godstrength always appreciated

  12. dex or stane, Real exemestane that is.


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