First Test E Cycle

  1. First Test E Cycle

    Hi, I'm brand new here. Hoping to get some feedback/advice/constructive criticism before I pull the trigger on my first big boy cycle.

    8 years of lifting. 2 cycles of Halodrol, 1 Epistane
    Age: 27
    Height: 5'7
    Bodyweight before started lifting: 126 (Wasn't measuring bodyfat back then but very lean)
    Biggest I've ever been: 183 (Not so lean)
    Biggest I got before first PH use: 155 (Somewhat lean)
    Bench - 265
    Squat - 355
    Deadlift - 405
    Clean - 235

    1) Increase strength (50-70lbs on lower body lifts, 20-30lbs upper)
    2) Stay lean
    3) Increase athletic performance

    Cycle Info

    Week 1-5:
    250 Test E twice a week (Sat morning and Wed evening)

    Week 7-11:
    Nolva: 40/40/20/20
    Clomid: 100/100/100/100

    **I know 5 weeks is usually considered short for Test E. I'm open to running longer cycles in the future - I just feel more comfortable keeping my first one short to see how my body reacts during shutdown and recovery. The topic of cycle length has already been debated extensively on other forums, and so I am intending that not be the focus of this thread.**

    Carb Cycling Diet
    Sun - Medium
    Mon - Low/None
    Wed - High
    Thurs - Medium
    Fri - Low/None
    Sat - Cheat day (very high)

    3-4 days a week: Compound lifts - 5/3/1 for bench, squat, press, and dead followed by whatever I feel like for assistance work
    5-7 days a week: Cardio/Conditioning/Assistance

    -Spent the last three months leaning out
    -Dropped from 160 to 150lbs
    -16 to 13.5% body fat.

  2. Nothing about this is correct. Do some more research brother. 5 weeks will do nothing besides suit you down and screw up your endocrine system. Any cycle you run need to be at a minimum of 8 weeks. With test e it needs to be 12-20 weeks. I think you need to do some work evaluating your routines and diet because your pretty light for your height. Steroids are not the answer. Eat. Train. Sleep. Do this for a year or so. Get up to 175-190 with 15-18% body fat then consider a cycle. The choice is yours and if your like me you will prop run the 5 weeks, but it is a horrible and pointless ordeal. 12 weeks minimum.

  3. You're planning this cycle like it's just another one of your designer steroid cycles. It's not. Do more reading. At the moment your short cycle with a long ester is a waste of time and money.
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    I push myself to limits everyday i train tbh, visited my mum yesterday and she said i looked a bit bigger, she doesnt know about the steroids

  4. You are not even remotely ready for any type of anabolics if you were planning on running test for 5 weeks. Your understanding and knowledge proves to be poor, you need to invest a lot more time in learning how to cycle properly.

  5. Short cycle with test e. Prop and 8 weeks would be better. Post pictures as it's hard to tell what you look like from numbers but 150lbs at 5'7 sounds smallish. What sort of calories are you eating a day?

  6. Those are pretty good stats on your lifts for your weight, what does your typical workout routine look like, reps and sets?

  7. I try
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  8. abort lol
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  9. Why why why do guys who weigh 150lbs think if they jump on juice that it will do any good?

  10. Maybe came off a little harsh brother,if so I apologize. Hit up the protein,creatine, and aminos. Stop cutting. Get to 190 and get a mild bulking PH like halo,pmag,or msten for example. If you go aas stay on test for at least 12 weeks. EAT.Bulk up to over 200 if possible, do a good pct to keep gains. After a couple months of eating big and lifting heavy. Then start a cutting cycle. The reason for a cut is to lean up and cut fat. If you're 150 you either have no fat or are skinny fat and a cut would make you look like a 12 year old!

  11. Op i got to 248 5'11 at 16% bf natty before i considered any anabolics, i just finished a cut and am at 223 and now im going to bulk on anabolics. You can do so much without it, all it takes is alot of food,rest, hard ass training.
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  12. we go again .....

  13. I put on a sold 30 pounds on my first test e cycle. I've been off 3 weeks and I've maintained all of my gains. My gentals didn't shrink and I feel no different other than strength endurance is down

  14. sorry but are u yanking our f**king chain m8 ? 30 lb of muscle in how long on ur 1st cycle ? Wtf ? ....gotta be sarcasm yeah ? Genital shrinkage wtf .....

  15. Sorry bud. That's what happened. Didn't mean to ruffle your feathers

  16. Sounds more like water retention m8 ? Not trying to be a rude prick , even with great genetics .

  17. Its week 5 haven't lost more than 5 pounds. I've never held much water. Even drying out for shows isn't to hard for me. I'm not saying that next there won't be more but so far so good.

  18. Congrats , hopefully u keep the gains .

  19. Thank you.

  20. Quote Originally Posted by Superman_777 View Post
    You are not even remotely ready for any type of anabolics if you were planning on running test for 5 weeks. Your understanding and knowledge proves to be poor, you need to invest a lot more time in learning how to cycle properly.
    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ this, the fact you would even think 5 weeks would do anythign shows you need to spend ALOT of time researching this stuff. Good luck OP! : )
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