1. P-Mag

    Was wondering if anyone had good results from this supplement. Buddy gave me a couple free bottles and I've done a lot of research on how to take it but just wondering if this is even worth trying.

    If I take it I'll dose it at 50/50/50/75/75/75.
    Preload on cycle assist
    On cycle includes
    Fish oils
    Vitamin D
    Old erase pro
    Long jack (tongkat) for test support

    3 week nolva pct followed by ginger root, daa ,hmb, aminos, resveratrol

  2. You could as well up it to 75mg/day at week 2.

    No need to preload Cycle Assist. Only hawthorne berry needs to be preloaded.

    Save the Tongkat for PCT - you'll be shutdown no matter if you use it or not. You can also throw in OTC AI's/test boosters like Olympus Labs SUP3R PCT for the duration of post cycle therapy.

    Take Nolva for four weeks at 20/20/10/10.

    HMB seems to be pretty much worthless by the way - I wouldn't spend my money on it!

    Good luck!
    Life is nothing but big macs and hoes.

  3. I've heard it's like a weaker halo? Can't say i've used it myself tho
    Serious Nutrition Solutions

  4. No need for erase pro during cycle.... what brand
    Nutraceutical Innovations
    AMINDS15 - 15% code

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