Re enlisting in the Army.

  1. Re enlisting in the Army.

    As the title suggests I'm taking the plunge. Since the first go around didn't smarten me up. No when it comes down to it, I just cant find anything in civilian life that feels as rewarding as the military. Not to sound like a fuarkin boyscout or anything, there are ****ty parts, but hey. Anyway, my concern is right now I'm in the middle of a cycle. Officer training in Canada unless I misunderstood is twice a year. So I will likely be in basic in 3 - 4 months from now. At the moment I'm 2 weeks into what I planned as a 12 week or 3 month cycle. So I guess my question, should I run this to the end, and then PCT thoroughly before basic. The other issue is I've been blasting and cruising for going on 9 months now. I imagine that would add a lot more onto a pct. You couldn't do a standard 4 week deal. I'm totally against trying to gear up in basic, I'm not getting sent home for that, I just don't want bitch tits and to be shut down as fuark. Any advice from Dave or DHammer would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Yeah u'll need a restart pct protocol more than likely. It has a real name just can't remeber the docs name.

    10 days before u start pct use 1000iu of hcg every day. Then according to the published study, or it might not be published. U run clomid at 100mg and nolva at like 20 or 40mg for 6 weeks. Google restart after trt.

    I always thought those doses were a little high but I didn't do te study and I've never restarted after trt. I think if u ran clomid at 50 for 3 weeks and nolva at 20 for 3 weeks, then clomid at 25 and nolva at 10 for three weeks u'd probably be fine. I'd throw in some estane too it works well with nolva.
    I have discussed this with my doctor and he thinks just running clomid for 6 weeks would be good enough.

    So really it's up to u but I'd start pct ASAP so u have time to adjust to naturally hormone production. Other wise u'll more than likely experience problems while u are in training.

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