Weight gain and weight loss.

  1. Weight gain and weight loss.

    For those out there who have a couple years or more of blasting and cruising, how much does your weight fluctuate? I mean how much do you loose while you are cruising? Also how do you deal with it, like does it get to you? For me, I've been blasting and cruising and my weight has fluctuated from 252 on cycle to 235 on a cruise. Now, while I've been cruising I've been working as a derrick hand, so physical fuarkin work. Without the ability to eat regularly, excuses aside when I see my weight go down its hard to not be depressed. Guys still say on the rig that I look big, so its not like I'm wasting away, I just hate seeing myself lighter. With that said, I've kept the same measurements for arms chest and shoulders, my waist is smaller though. So I kinda feel like I've inadvertently did a cut lol. While on the rig, I've ate between 4600-5200 cals a day, and still loose weight. We two meals a day in the caf and you aren't aloud to take food from the camp. So force feeding 2300 to 2500 cals a meal kinda blows. Anyway... so other random question, I've noticed some crazy acne gain on my last cruise. Is it potentially because I cruised on to little or two much test? Or was it the injection rate? Ftr I was doing 500mg Test cyp every 10 days.

  2. My weight stays semi steady. I might drop 5-10lbs MAYBE. but I also eat a strict diet and keep the same intensity and volume in workouts. So its hard to say with that.

    Don't let it bug you bro. Its possible you are losing water and glycogen. Don't weigh yourself and go by the mirror. If you keep the same proportions and measurements that's great.

    A trick you can use (assuming you can drink water or something out of a bottle while on the deck) is BCAAs. There are a lot of brands just look for a 4:1:1 ratio BCAA and mix a sh*t ton in a water bottle and sip it during the day. Throw Gatorade in it to keep glycogen stores up too while your doing manual labor. Your line of work is hard and you need to pack in calories as best you can. Liquid form might be your best bet.
    The advice I give is just that... Advice, purely my opinion. Not medical advice

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