30 wks testosterone Prop!

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    free test is unbound test or albumin bound test, which is easily converted to free test. your free test is very high, but if you are taking something to keep it from binding with SHbg that would account for the high level. your total test is in range. what all are you on right now?
    I'm on nothing. I was taking test boosters. Daa, and formastanzanol but I stopped taking it a day before the test. I got the blood work done because I was feeling down, unfocused, unmotivated and having erectile issues. Leading me to think my test levels may be low. Shouldn't my total test be higher?? I'm 30

  2. Isn't a total test value of 582 low for a 30 yr old??

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    Isn't a total test value of 582 low for a 30 yr old??



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