Benefits (?) of using Clen for a day here and there

  1. Benefits (?) of using Clen for a day here and there

    Stats: 22 y/o (almost 23) 6'2 190lbs %13 BF
    Training for 4 years, most consistently over last 2 years

    Okay heres the deal.. I am finishing up PCT after a Test E cycle of 14 weeks at 500-750mg per week. I didn't gain as much as I had hoped due, in retrospect, to the cardio required by a sport I play. Got up to 200 from 185 but.. the cycle ended right as I was going into winter break. Between drinking and traveling and holiday feasting, over the course of about a month combined with sparse access to gyms (probably only worked out about six times over the course of the month), I dropped to around 190lbs. Unfortunately I look a bit chubbier than before, I estimate I added about 1%-1.5% on my body fat over break. I live in a hot place, and the college pool parties start soon as the heat approaches.


    I am health conscious. I don't like the idea of ****ing up my heart. I have researched and used the search line exhaustively. My conclusions are that if used in safe doses, Clen is a moderately safe way to effectively repartition the body's composition. So here is the thing. I take adderall for school, about 20mg a day but only on school days. Tuesdays and Thursday I have practice for my sport and on Saturdays I typically have a game. I don't want to take Clen on days that I take adderall for obvious reasons. I also do not want to take Clen on days I practice or play my sport because it is very intense cardio which could be considered along the intensity lines of HIIT training.

    My question is this... bearing in mind that I am not in a panicked hurry to shed body fat and get shredded but am hoping more for a slow but steady loss of body fat and preservation of my hard-earned ectomorphic lean mass, could I take Clen maybe 1 or 2 or 3 days a week, sequentially (like Sunday Monday) or non-sequentially, and still experience over the course of a couple of months of training and proper dieting a significant boost in my fat loss form the Clen? Also bear in mind, for those who are already typing out "if you're an ectomorph you don't need Clen" that I am a bit of a.. hmm.. I guess a mildly skinny-fat body type. For example even when I was 6'2 and 165 pounds a couple years ago, my abs were not visible and my stomach and love handles still had some flesh to pinch. I WANT TO HAVE ****ING ABS THIS SPRING/SUMMER. So my goal is to get to 7% BF by end of July, and at least maybe 9% BF by mid April this spring when I start my next cycle, likely a recomp cycle to put on humble mass while shedding body fat.

    I figure this style of Clen use will certainly for-go the Beta-2 receptor down regulation issue, and also allow me to use lower doses for a bigger effect on days that I do use Clen. Of all the research I have done, I haven't found anyone using Clen like Thoughts?? Am I overlooking any mechanisms of Clen use that would negate any benefits it could bring by not using frequently enough, such as rebound effects? Or anything else?

    Btw this semester I will be weight training 3-4 days a week. I employ mild carb cycling of approximately maintenance calories as of lately as opposed to the bulk style eating (pretty clean bulk that is) since around September. With that said, if I don't encounter any opposition to this proposed system, I will eat maintenance on "off days" and on "on days" with the Clen I am thinking I will employ about a 400-500 calorie deficit.

    This turned into a longer post than I anticipated but I hope that is appreciated as I am just trying to answer questions I can see coming up from potential advisors. If you guys have any other questions or comments please chime in; the yields of my research have been depleted and I now resort to making a post so any and all info is appreciated!

  2. I've also come across another question that seems to be stumping me... everywhere I look the research and clinical trials indicate that left ventricle hypertrophy has been observed in animals though usually on higher doses than humans take. Despite this, however, there is no scholastic or peer reviewed information available observing the effects of Clen use on human hearts at any dose range. Why not?? This is a drug that is prescribed for asthmatics in Germany, Belgium and a handful of other EU countries in doses between 20-40mcg a day (if I am correctly informed)... Where is all the research from those countries? German and Belgium universities are top-tier and they wouldn't just go around prescribing this drug with implications as serious as potential heart failure without doing some research so can someone please hook me up with some good leads for peer reviewed info on Clen's effects on human cardiac muscles?

  3. Just use albuterol. Its easier on the sides and has a shorter half life.

  4. Hard earned gains from a 22 year old kid taking AAS, drinking, and feasting; only kept 5 lbs of it, and might be suffering symptoms of lower natural T production...sure, take whatever you have to for your hard earned cardio cut. Which should put you back to where you were before juicing.
    DIESEL TEST = Underground Kings of Test elevation!

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Piston Honda View Post
    Hard earned gains from a 22 year old kid taking AAS, drinking, and feasting; only kept 5 lbs of it, and might be suffering symptoms of lower natural T production...sure, take whatever you have to for your hard earned cardio cut. Which should put you back to where you were before juicing.
    OK seems to be some big disconnects here in terms of understanding. First off, I just finished PCT of my first cycle. Second off I am not planning on cutting right now, this is far from a cut cycle. I understand my Test is still coming back on and now is far from an ideal time to cut. Thirdly, considering how much cardio I do (about 6 hours a week) I am happy with those five pounds kept. I do not drink regularly either, but did several times over winter break, Im not perfect. Im not a competing body builder either so what the hey.

    Now about the Clen. The reason why I am asking this question is because through my research I have the notion that Clenbuterol's physiological mechanisms would do a fantastic job at PRESERVING my lean mass, its what the stuff does after all. Furthermore it does this especially well when receptors are fresh, so my thinking behind intermittent use is that every time I do decide to have a low calorie day, my beta 2 receptors being hit would be fresh as can be, meaning a little bit of fat gets burned, and protein synth is, at least while its in my system, made much more efficient. As much as you want to jump to the conclusion that I am an idiot, I truly do not believe that to be the case. I came here for information from other experienced people who can possibly rationally show me any flaws in this plan. As of now, I haven't seen any. But please, if I am missing something I would sincerely appreciate an explanation of exactly what is wrong.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by TrenLvr View Post
    Just use albuterol. Its easier on the sides and has a shorter half life.
    I'll look into this, thank you for the tip. The reason why I am thinking clen in particular is because I came up on a bottle.

  7. How do I get Clenbuterol
    I'm a new user sorry if I'm being stupid but I need to know could someone help me

  8. Up your calories and stick to a healthy diet to preserve muscle. With 6 hours of cardio a week there is no reason with a good diet you can't keep muscle and lose fat. PE drugs are not an easy way out of a good diet and hard work.

    Not trying to be a dick but honestly 6hrs of cardio and you need a drug to cut? Fuk that.. there's underlying issues that should be addressed first not how to take a drug like clen, even if it is "safe"

    To point you in the right direction and not be a dbag... Look at some of Layne Norton's diet protocols and carb cycling. Before bodybuilding I used to cut and keep muscle just fine with a proper diet and no PEDs. If you are truly interested in the right way say so and I will give you a couple links. I see you did do research and are capable of putting your thoughts into well structured sentences while not sounding like a tard. For that reason I can help you get on the right path.

    Clen should be used AFTER a proper diet and routine aren't good enough. Not to get there. Let clen take you the extra mile not the first few miles so to speak.
    The advice I give is just that... Advice, purely my opinion. Not medical advice

  9. 6'2 190lbs after a test cycle???

    I was 6'2" 170lbs without abs when I graduated high school. One day I decided I was tired of being skinny and decided I would work my ass off until I reached 215lbs naturally. It took me almost 5 years to reach that goal. I didn't skip workouts or look for excuses. I certainly didn't think about using steroids to waste what natural potential I had. What if your nuts never fully recover and you're on TRT for the rest of your life??

    I know its hard to make gains on your own nuts... But you'd be far better off if you gained the knowledge and experience of gaining naturally before adding hormones to the mix. Just my opinion.


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