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    Oh and if u I don't ever ramp up, it takes longer to stablize. I'd start pinning 500mg ever 3rd day. Ur going to feel it too. 500mg of test in one shot is instant superman ****
    One of my best cycles was 500mgs E3D, after eight weeks I gained 35lbs of lbm and lost 17lbs of fat. I was recovering from a lengthy intestinal illness so some of the muscle was regaining what I lost. Your diet has to support those gains though.
    Lift heavy and eat lots of dead animals! Yes, that's me in my avatar.

  2. I'm Getting excited. I'm in week two of pct about to be in week 3 of pct. I plan on taking 2 months off and then starting in the beginning of May. I don't know if I mentioned it but I plan of running igf-1 during the cycle as well. **** makes me tired, but I love the pumps and how my body fat diminishes. 1 g test Enathate. I have some d bol left like 2 weeks worth. May throw that in the start, idk. Kinda wanna get rid of it. It's old BD stuff. . How do you feel about running prop for days 1-14. Give the time for enthante to kick in ?... Like I said, I have a tin of winny left and depending on my physique at the end I may throw that in at the end.

  3. I use to us prop in the front of every cycle, I stopped doing it. But no real reason why I stopped. I have about a half liter of test prop in my personal stash. I really only use it for short blast. 4-6 weeks of test prop at 200mg Ed, but I rarely do those anymore. U could use it. If u use the dbol, I'd just take 20mg in the morning out until u run out. It actually is a good start to a cut. Or 10mg am and 10 pre work out. I believe bd are 10mg tabs

  4. Sounds good. I figured prop is about $20 for 10 cc. Throw it in for a few days. Get the warm feeling early. The d bols I have are 50, but strong. I'll split them in 1/4. 12.5 am. 12.5 pm.

    So far this is how it's looking.

    Week 1-15 Test E 500 E3D
    Week 1- day 10 Test prop 100 mg ED
    Week 1-2/3 d Bol 25 mg ed
    Week 6-15 Anavar 50-100 mg

    Possibly throw in Winny during last 3/4 weeks.

    I'm really dead set on trying the Anavar. I'm just curious of the results I will get and how my body will react.

    Igf-1 possibly 2- 40 day cycles. Either 50 mcg ED or EOD depending on feel and $$.

    I'm going to try and really focus on my diet now. I want to maintain around 3000-3500 calories. What's some good macro % I should follow for this cycle ? My diet is one of the hardest things for me because I work 2 part time jobs. 30 hours and 20 hours at the other. Plus I'm a full time student. It's hella hard to count macros precisely. Not too mention training 6 x a week. 2 hour sessions. My live is stupid busy. I eat 90% healthy food. Fish, chicken, rice, all that good stuff. With that being said I could use some tweaking in that area specifically. Any good suggestion.

  5. Question. Would .25 mg armidex ED be enough to combat Estro or should I run .5 ED. I've been doing some reading on estro conversion at dosages higher than 750. Do you think armidex is strong enought, or do you think I need to run a low dose of letro. I have a bag of like 20 letro 2.5( I think that's the right dose). What ever GP has, that's what I have... I'm too lazy to walk into the other room and see.

  6. if its just test start with .25 dex ed, you have been some what gyno pron in the past so youll probably need to bump it. for my current cylce i run .5 lectro every day and im starting to lower. im running 600mg of mast e so that maybe helping.

  7. So. I've been working on this diet plan. This is close to what I have been eating with the exception of a few things. So this structure is the plan for my run. Please feel free to critique and make some good food suggestions. I'm going to post this in diet section as well, but I figured I would place it here as well....

    *** Breakfast *** 7 am

    2 eggs
    2 slices Ezekiel bread
    1 tablespoon butter
    1/2 cup of oats
    1 chobani yogurt
    1.5 cup milk with ON 24 grams protein

    -- 26 gram fat
    -- 73 gram protein
    -- 78 gram carb

    *** Post workout *** 10 am

    ON 24 grams whey/ 12 grams casein protein/ 10 grams egg whites/ 1.5 cup milk +12 protein
    ON 5 grams creatine
    2 tablespoons peanut butter
    40 grams dextrose
    Ice- 6 cubes

    -- 16 gram fat
    -- 66 gram protein
    -- 69 gram carbs

    *** Snack 1 *** 11 am

    .25 cup almonds

    -- 13 gram fat
    -- 6 gram protein
    -- 6 gram carbs

    *** Lunch *** 1 pm

    2 slices Ezekiel bread
    5 slices of turkey
    1 slice pepper jack cheese
    1 tbs mustard

    -- 12 gram fat
    -- 33 gram protein
    -- 43 gram carbs

    *** Lunch 2*** 3 pm

    Chicken breast / Salmon / Steak
    Red skin potato
    1 tablespoon butter
    Green beans/ Corn/ Asparagus

    -- 12-25 gram fat
    -- 28-31 gram protein
    -- 43 gram carbs

    *** Dinner 1*** 7 pm

    Chicken breast / Salmon / Steak
    Red skin potato/ Brown rice
    1 tablespoon butter

    -- 15-25 gram fat
    -- 31-36 gram protein
    -- 28-39 gram carbs

    *** Snack *** 9 pm

    1 piece of Ezekiel bread
    2 tablespoons Peanut Butter
    1 tablespoon Jelly

    -- 33 gram fat
    -- 18 gram protein
    -- 41 gram carbs

    *** Pre-Bed *** 10/11 pm

    1.5 cup Skim Milk
    1 scoop ON Casein

    -- 1 gram fat
    -- 35 gram protein
    -- 22 gram carbs


    128-154 Grams Fat
    290-298 Grams Protein
    330-331 Grams Carbs

  8. I just bought a caliper. I did the Jackson 3 point measurement and came up with 42 mm. According to the scale, it says my body fat is at 12.9 percent. This seem accurate?

  9. Yeah u could be 12.9-14, I've been sayin this hole time u could be 6-8 by he end of this cycle and weigh 10-15lbs more.

  10. As far as diet goes I wouldn't let anyone tell me how many cals I should eat or shouldn't, I got a notebook and a calculator did my macros every day for months. The first 2 months got me my rough maintenance. The third month I was able to manipulate my diet down to 2 table spoons of peanut butter. Diet is the hardest part of this life. Everybody has a different metabolism. Pin to the pad and by the end of this cycle u be able to log this **** in ur head.

  11. One more question. I noticed on my last cycle I had a little bit of hairloss. I was thinking of throwing in propecia. Anyone have experience with it ?

  12. Make sure to read up on the negatives before considering it:

    Quite a few medical documents I've seen seem to be very conclusive about it permanently lowering libido/causing erectile dysfunction. As with any drug, there's a chance you won't experience these side effects. But then again, what's the use of pretty hair without a functioning dick?

    Consider that finasteride is primarily used to treat MPB. Typically that tends to encompass those who are naturally balding, and especially those who are genetically predisposed to it. You say you had "a bit of hairloss"...are you sure you want to take the risks of finasteride to prevent that? Did the hair never grow back? Hairloss on cycle is not a sign of balding, often times it's a sign of strong adrogenic activity, those who are not predisposed to balding often lose hair and then grow it back after they're off cycle. Are you worried about gear causing permanent baldness (meaning you're predisposed to it, ie it's going to happen eventually whether you're on gear or not), or just about shedding?

    If it's the former, talk to your doctor about long-term use of finasteride and how it's best-used for preventing genetic onset of balding. If it's the latter...don't do it.
    Quote Originally Posted by LiamTaylor View Post
    I push myself to limits everyday i train tbh, visited my mum yesterday and she said i looked a bit bigger, she doesnt know about the steroids

  13. green earth with the knowledge!!! i started to go bald the same time as a friend. he started taking propecia and i didnt. i dont have hair he has a full head of hair. ****ing prick. i shave my head so i cant help you with keeping hair knowledge

  14. Nice article about it. Never though to wiki it. I'm torn still. Mpb runs in my family. We have thick ass hair until about age 30 and then the receding line starts. I'm sure AAS has quickened that a bit. I think I may just order it and if I notice it happening I will take it. I just noticed this because I usually get my hair lined up and this time around I told my barber not to do it so I could get my natural line up back. However, upon a month or so it has yet to come back. It's not bad, but it def moved back an 1/2 or 1 inch. Hey it may grow back before I start my next round, but better to be prepared then not, right... My linbido is crazy anyhow, I don't think it will hurt even if it does decrease it a bit. It may be a good thing. I was just curious of how it would diminish gains, and or if their was any horrible side effects. Thank you guys for the input. Just trying to learn all the ins and outs.

  15. Doctor just called with blood results. Test is at 454. Which is right in the middle of perfect range. LDL high, HDL low. Soooo back on Simvastin and let the cycle begin !! I'm gonna make another thread since the program has changed up so much. Prob do my first pin next Monday.


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