New cycle

  1. New cycle

    I have recently put together this cycle kinda half assed of stuff I had laying around. I was tired of a couple plateaus and felt like amount it up. So I'm pinning sustanon 250 twice a week. Also test prop at 100 twice a week (not the same day as sust). Also 40mg of dbol. I am taking arimidex daily. Looking to pick up some winny and ghrp-6. Winny will be 75ml daily and ghrp-6 will be 3 times a day sub q. I have tren e and a but I don't think throwing that in anywhere in this cycle will be good. I've also though after 7 weeks of dbol trying either mast or eq. I'm looking at about 12 week cycle all together. I have always taken liver supports and fish oils. My diet is perfect. This isn't my first rodeo just looking for comments or thoughts on adding or subtracting things. I'm in a calorie surplus and trying to bulk. I know winny leans me out. But I live the strength and vascularity i get from it. Have fun destroying my thread.

  2. How much do you have of all of it? Sustanon on Mon/Fri with a Wed inject of 100mgs Prop is good. The two shortest esters in Sustanon are 90mgs total and nearly the same release pattern. After trying lower dosed orals for longer I'm a convert, 15-20mgs pulsed on WO days, assuming 4-5 days training, worked really well last time. No sides and good gains. Personally I can't bulk on Tren, I can't eat enough even with shakes added. If it were my cycle I'd consider something like this.

    Week 1-12: 500mg Sust w/100mg Prop mid week
    Week 1-6: 20mgs Dbol M-F or WO days
    Week 7-12: 150-225mgs Tren A w/150-300mgs Winny
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