First cycle

  1. First cycle

    I'm 23 195 5'11" In June I was at 230 I dropped down to 188 before I started with my first mild pro hormone at the end of August. At the end I ended up at 195. Now I want to move to something stronger once I'm done with my off time. I want to shred and put on size. Any recommendations on what I should take and how much.

  2. Are you comfortable with injecting or are you looking to do another oral?

  3. if you dont want to stick id run dzine at 30/45/45/45/45/60? its a great 6 weeker. you dont have to go to 60 but keep it above 30mg everyday. it would be great to stack with Tvar but you would need a high dose of Tvar.

    Superdrol would be good too but id wait till your third cycle. with SD it would only be a 4 week cycle. and just judging from what ive read a 6 week cycle would be better and help you retain alot of the muscle after pct

    if your ready to stick go with 12 weeks of test cyp at 500mg. kick the first 6 weeks off with Dzine.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Swetz View Post
    Are you comfortable with injecting or are you looking to do another oral?
    x2 and goals
    Serious Nutrition Solutions

  5. I wana do orals but from what I'm reading they're more toxic than injectable?

  6. Goal would be to lean out and cut at the same time I'm not looking to be a certain weight but more for a certain look if that makes sense. I was thinking of Winnie

  7. winny is very toxic, but i use it and it does some pretty awesome things. if you dont want to us inject test you might want to look into androgel. i got a buddy who bought some off the internet that is double dosed what they prescribe and it worked pretty well. still not as good as inject

  8. Now if I start the test cyp as you said how often do I inject and would it be ok to inject in the thigh? What size needles would I have to get?

  9. i draw with a 20g and inject with a 25g. i would do 500mg every week for 12 weeks. inject on monday and thursday

  10. What should I get for pct? I'm still trying to figure what lab to go with. I'm reading that BD under doses and hearing good things about pinnacle.

  11. theres alot of good info on pct,i appologize but i im not going to discuss sources. im on Trt i dont really do pct anymore

  12. Clomid, nolvadex and hcg are pretty much what most people look at. You should be able to find a link somewhere, if not I'll find one.

    Lots of people have different ideas. Some just nolva or clomid, some both. Some say HCG on cycle others at the end.

    I say nolva and HCG is a winner.

  13. Get clomid and Nolva. You won't need hcg for a simple test cycle.

  14. Quote Originally Posted by csa2179 View Post
    ...i would do 500mg every week for 12 weeks. inject on monday and thursday
    This is my vote

  15. Quote Originally Posted by babycakes View Post

    This is my vote
    2nd that...unless you don't mind needles then I would use prop

  16. What's the difference prop vs cyp?

  17. What should I use as a E blocker. I've been using Erase by PEScience.

  18. Quote Originally Posted by link715 View Post
    What's the difference prop vs cyp?
    The ester.

  19. Prop released into the blood faster causing for more frequent injections. Test e takes a little longer so you can get away with two injections every week.


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