Winstrol clogging the needle

  1. Winstrol clogging the needle

    I have been having problems with winstrol. Never had this problem with other labs but this lab is weird. No matter how hard I shake it it separates again in under 30 seconds. I go to inject and it will clog the needle. It is almost impossible to shoot because if I press harder it will slam it into me and cause severe pain. Is there a trick anyone has. Am I allowed to say the labs name and maybe get some advice or let others beware? Since I can't pin it I've had to up it from 50 to 75 mix it in with a glass of water and I also mix it with my creatine mono in the morning. I know I need to up it since it passes through the liver. And is drinking it cool with the mono? Thanks guys!!

  2. is it water based? have you tried mixing it with another oil or cutting it? what size needle?
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  3. It's. 20gauge. And it came mixed. I didn't have to add a solution. So I'm hoping that takes care of the cutting question too. I believe it's an alcohol base but I'm not 100% on that just because I'm not looking at the bottle. I wish I could post a pic to show you guys. Or show the source and maybe that would give some insight. But no sources and I am new so I'm respecting the rules.

  4. by seperating, do you mean crashing (crystals showing up in the solution) ive ran into that problem before, i would heat up the vial in a bot of water, make sure the needle is in the top so it doesnt explode / it can vent. than id shoot it. doesnt feel good whatsoever and i doubt id do it again. not suggesting it, but im just relating from experience
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  5. Damn man. Ill shake the sh!t out of it and with in 30 seconds all the white good stuff falls to the bottom and the clear rises. It'll happen in the syringe and then clog it. Damn stuff. I dunno about heating it up. If you won't do it and it sucked that bad. Ill just pin 75 worth in water and drink it.

  6. You could always use an 18g.....but why? Drink that ****.

  7. Yeah. The 20s aren't too bad. An 18 might work but I'm sick of this stuff. When I shoot it into the glass I water it will stick then rocket out. I'm not trying to have that happen in my muscle. I don't need a huge looking tumor on my ass or delt. So I upped the dose and drink it. Probably a waste because it will cut my cycle length down on it but if I get anything from it it'll be worth it. Got in cheap so why not. Now just to figure out to do w this tren. Won't need it for months and I'm def not adding that in lol.

  8. Do not shoot something like that, oral will work fine with Winnie shooting alcohol base would hurt like hell!
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  9. Try putting the vial on a pan and put in oven at the lowest setting check it every few mins it shouldnt take long to clear up... The Test prop I get separates I did this and would work for a few day before I had to do again just dont inject until it cools down


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