Just a couple quick questions about this concept. My first cycle was Dbol/test e/tbol. I ran it for 10 weeks. I will now eat my crow and admit I may have made a rookie mistake. I've cruised on 400mg of test cyp every 10 days. Been cruising for about 8 weeks now. I mixed my hcg improperly and as a result have not taken any throughout this cruise. I'm not overly worried about since I wasn't shut down hardly at all according to my bloods. I plan on starting my next cycle on September 13th. I wonder when you guys would suggest taking HCG on a cruise, and if you suggest also taking it during a cycle, if so how much for both. Also, I know the risks of blasting and cruising, most people wouldn't suggest it off a first cycle, I have my reasons. I'm admitting I may have screwed up, and am humbly asking for advice, please don't take that as an invitation to tell me I'm an idiot. Im getting my next batch of hcg within 5 days. So that should give me a week to 10 days to prep my system before my next cycle.