Kind of off topic--my leg

  1. Kind of off topic--my leg

    Back in June I broke my right fibula. I debated what to do, let them put it in a cast, ignore it, wasn't sure. I had torn almost every tendon/ligament in my ankle besides the break. What I ended up doing was jumping on HGH (injecting in the right knee), staying on tren hex (E3D200mg) plus 100mgs of test enanthate per week, spicing it up with Tren Suspension on those days I lift the heaviest. I never let the surgeon put on a cast. I promised not to walk on it, but I lied. I walked on it ever day. Never used the crutches and except for the first two weeks, I didn't change my workouts. I go back next week for an x-ray. Last x-ray, four weeks after the break, showed the bone bridging the break. I feel great and trust the x-ray will prove out that the HGH helped. We'll see... By the way, the tren/test combo has my libido in high gear. I plan to stay on the tren hex for another couple of months. I really like how it makes me feel and look.

  2. I remember when you broke it. Let me know what've he X-ray tells you. I'm interested to hear the results.

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  4. I've been following that HGH experiment.

  5. Just an update: Nothing remarkable on the x-ray. I really had hoped for more, but he said it is healing and that he thinks the HGH is working. Since HGH is somewhat site specific, I've been injecting it at the site, the ankle. It's really hard to get skin pinched there, but I want the HGH to concentrate at that area. He said not to do squats, bag work or kick over the motorcycle just yet. Otherwise, no restrictions. Still on tren/test/mast. Tomorrow I'm taking some cheque drops before the workout. The tren after all these months has me exceeding my PB almost every week; it's amazing.

  6. Glad it's working out for you man.

  7. DH. How do those cheque drops work for you? Also, I wish I could get my hands on some good Tren Hex. I usually home brew my own gear, but the price of Tren Hex powder is very expensive.


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