First test cycle bad acne mild hairloss any advice?

  1. First test cycle bad acne mild hairloss any advice?

    Like the title says, only face acne though which is odd since I've never had an issue with it other than chest and shoulders when I was a teen. It's mainly cystic around my chin I'm 3 weeks in @ 500mg test-e. Started washing 3x ED with mild soap and been on 40,000iu vitamin A for about 3 days. Any other advice for clearing this up? Also having some hair loss which I expected since both sides of male family are bald so it's a matter of time. Been using a Ketoconazole (sp?) shampoo 2x ED and still have about 20-30 hairs in my hand throughout the shampoo. Thinking about grabbing some Dutasteride not sure on dosage and when to come off it Post cycle. Any help guys appreciated.
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  2. Use face/body wash w benzoyl peroxide and try anti bacterial soap.

  3. For the hair loss go to a Dr. and get a prescription for finasteride. It's ridiculously cheap and use it not only on cycle by for mpb in general. Trust me it works.

  4. Ketaconazole shampoo was prescribed to me when I had extreme Jock itch... haha I don't think it'll help with the hair loss

  5. I'd say go to a dermatologist for the acne. Without insurance its like $80-90. They prescribe some pills that are like $20 (generic) and some other $20 cream. There is a cream called retin-a which is expensive if you dont have insurance or arent covered, its about $200 for a tiny tube. But I am sure you can find it online from some e-pharmacy.

    Wash your face twice a day with cetaphil too and dont wear clogging/oily sunscreen. Obviously hormones are different for everybody but I do get pimples off cycle, and I've only finally gotten a pimple during this cruise (probably from increasing test) with the above medication.



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