First Test cycle.

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  1. Alright so I feel like an asshat for letting this sort of die out. But onwards and upwards. I'll more or less just start by saying that I consider this cycle a huge success. The sides of the gear I used were negligable, I've created a noticably different build. Guys and girls have noticed and mentioned a difference in size and fullness in my arms and chest. I don't look like a "roid monkey" in other words I look big and strong but it's not at the point where its 100 percent obvious I'm using. Which, I mean I'm alright with, for now. Alright final numbers I'll give a precycle and post cycle run down.

    Bench 205 for 5
    Dead 405 for 1
    Squat 305 for 2


    Bench 305 for 2
    Dead 525 for 2
    squat 405 for 2

    Theese numbers likely seem unreal to you, and that's ok because they seem pretty unreal to me to. I started this cycle at 230 and got up to 258. A week after the cycle I'm hovering around 254. Another noticable stat, my arms went from 16.75 to 18.5 both measurments cold. My body fat before cycle was 9-11 percent. My body fat after is 12-14. So a little high, I'm a little soft in the ab area. So doing the math that means I gained from 13 to 18 pounds of muscle. That leaves 12-17 being water and fat. I can't cry about that. So I took pictures all along the way on my phone twice a week. Thinking I could easily upload them on here. Wrong! So lesson learned, take pics with a digital camera.

    Alright, so next cycle, lol I'm hooked.
    This is what I plan on running. It will be a 16 week cycle with hope of recomp in mind.

    Test 1-16 at 700mg's M/th (350 shots)
    Dbol 1-4 at 75 mgs
    Tren E 4-14 at 300 mgs (150 shots) T/F
    Or Tren A Eod 75 mg shot
    Winny 12-16
    Tbol 12-16
    Clen 14-16

    I plan on doing the first 8 weeks with a diet with bulking in mind, Then the next 8 with a slight cut in mind. Cardio will be light for the first 8 weeks. 3-5 miles running a day (for an x golden glove boxer that is light). Then the next 8 weeks Intense, hiit training and at least 10 miles of running every other day. My goal is this, when I fought, for most of my fights I was 178 pounds. At 6'6, with a bf of 6-7. I'd like to be 168 pounds and 8-9 bf. I'd be pretty happy with myself knowing that I was 80-90 pounds more muscle then before. I used to be alright being a tall skinny guy, since I mean, I was fairly good at fighting and was cocky enough to think I could knock out 95 percent of people I came in contact with. So I was content looking skinny. Now, I'm not, that lanky guy is dead and gone, I want to be a beast. So I will be journaling that, and there will be weakly pics. I get that **** done right. Thanks for all the support and help along the way guys. This is a huge motivation (this forum).

  2. Sounds like you had a pretty successful cycle there bro. It's addictive isn't it, the cycling, the way it makes you feel, I always laugh when people say Ill only do it once! You never run gear just the once lol.

  3. Without a doubt its addictive. But I'm alright with that, considering I'm a rigger, and all the blow and meth I see on a regular basis. If this is my "drug" I can life with that haha.


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