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    I don’t know what else to call this… I viewed this link which is actually a great endorsement for AAS, but as you can predict, a doctor comments later that the long term effects and so on are not known.

    74-year-old defies time with hormones – Anderson Cooper 360 - CNN.com Blogs

    Here’s a guy who is 74 years old. His photo has been on many advertisements so I’m sure you’re familiar with the image. Anyway, he runs an anti aging clinic and is living proof that it works. His mind is sharp, his body in fabulous shape for a 74 year old and all because he lives right and uses AAS. On the surface, it’s all a good news story, but the media can’t let it rest on a good note. They have to bring in commentary from a doctor who, once again, only speculates on unknown problems, ignoring the absolute proof of the positive. He says the long term effects are unknown so let’s not go there. This guy is 74!!!!! How much longer is his term expected to be? So if he lives to be 90 and dies of a heart attack, are the doctors going to leap on the bandwagon and say, “see…see what happens when you take steroids.” What more clinical proof do they need that as an anti aging program nothing beats steroids? Then he rips into HGH saying it does nothing at all to help anti aging. I would love to debate him and ask him how can he say that with a straight face when anecdotal evidence points to very positive benefits, like bone density, skin healing and other healing properties? These doctors are the kind that helped shape Biden’s legislation to make AAS a schedule three felony. The adage that “if it saves but one life, we have to try it” doesn’t apply to AAS, or gun control I assume.

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