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I'm not a fan of nolva at anytime other than PCT. It can be used for a nandrolone... after it doesn't have anymore active metabolites. Deca is a long ester nandrolone while NPP is short ester.

Simply put-

-You wanna control estrogen use an AI like aromasin or anastrozole.

-You wanna control progesterone use a dopamine antagonist like cabergoline or parami.

-You want to bring your boys back and restart your natural hormone levels use a SERM (selective estrogen receptor modulator).

Look at the science of how deca affects progesterone levels. Why would you use a SERM (which does nothing to progesterone)?

Or especially since there is a correlation between elevated prolactin and estrogen. Then why would you use something (SERM) that lets estrogen go through the roof and doesn't stop the binding to the progesterone receptor?

If you understood how a SERM works (not saying you don't) then it would make perfect sense why you would never use it during a cycle. But rather in PCT and how Nolva or Clomid are used in different applications.

I don't know who Seth Roberts is but if you link me to it I will read it and give you my thoughts. I am basing my thoughts off of medical studies I have read, human studies, personal use, and basic chemistry.

I do know this... if you use nolva while deca metabolites are active in your body your nipples will lactate. That is a FACT lol and no guy wants to milk himself.
Did you read it?