D-bol or T-bol?

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    ^yea. It's 2 grams a week of gear. Seems like alot.
    especially at 5'8" 162...

  2. masteron is agreat support chem that really works well with test and id recommend using mast the whole cycle throughout 500mg test e p/wk 500mg mast p/wk for 10-12 weeks will get you great results. id never run deca due to the shutdown, more is not always better imo

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    I want some good real d-bol but don't know of a good source. Can anyone help a Bro out?
    Gents no sourcing. You know the rules addle:

  4. Haha, sorry thought I was a mod for a second there

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Captn_the

    Gents no sourcing. You know the rules addle:
    Yea an no one have him a source.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by SkubaSteve89 View Post
    +1; Tbol is a great lean gains oral but needs to be taken for longer 4 weeks for it to truly be effective, and its seen more as a support chem than a standalone, kickstart, or finisher, and if you got liver support it works great with anavar and a test base.....letro is pretty full on for an AI and id only really recommend it for gyno reversal treatment, arimidex is a far better option as a preventative imo

    Tbol provide leaner gains than dbol???what about water retention....dbol ot tbol??

  7. Quote Originally Posted by interview11
    So, guys, and Dirty, I don't know if you have a view on this but would you say that Masteron could also be used for the latter part of the cycle rather than tbol?

    Context: Week 6 of a cycle, and now:

    dbol 30 mg, work out days
    masteron, 100 mg twice/week
    Deca QV, 450 mg twice/week
    Cyp 400 mg twice/week

    Gains are so far very good, every appetite that God gave me has gone through the roof.
    With that much gear already going through you I'd say forget adding anything else. If you can't make gains I what you have then just stop bro. That's a lot of juice. If anything just drop the dbol your cycle is already in full gear, and up the mast to 500mg/week.
    My muscles are pharmaceutically enhanced.


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