Dbol only cycle complete with good results whats next...

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    Dbol only cycle complete with good results whats next...

    Hi guys,
    Looking for a bit of advice.. Completed an 8 week cycle of 30mg of dbol, eating like a horse & working out like a demon, gained 12lbs, manage to keep 10lbs after 4 weeks of Clomid/Nolva.
    I am happy with the results.
    Looking at pinning.. But not sure to go with test e or test p... Liking dbol so was going to run this aswell I am not in a rush but was looking for some advice on the dose to take..

    Any advice or directional input would be great.

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    Its depends how long u wanna b on cycle, and how many times a week u want to pin. Test prop i'd run for 8-10 weeks, test e 12-16 weeks, I'm not a fan of really long cycles though. I'd run the dbol at 50mg for 6 weeks.

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