Hit Rectus Femoris with 1.2cc test, can't walk

  1. Hit Rectus Femoris with 1.2cc test, can't walk

    For my first injection ever, I pinned 1.2cc BP Test-E (300mg) with a 25G 1" into my upper thigh. Oil was warm and I pinned slowly. I marked the vastus lateralis on the skin, but because I Z-tracked I accidentally moved the injection to the rectus femoris (top of thigh). It was fine the next day, but 40 hours later my quad was extremely tight and painful. Now 61 hours later, I still can't walk due to the extreme pain and tightness. The muscle is tight and warm, but there's no edema. Skin is tight and white. No redness, no bruising, and the injection site is totally healed.

    Is the pain because I hit a highly innervated muscle? Tenderness and pain have spread from the injection site to the entire muscle, hip to knee, and makes sleeping extremely difficult and exercise impossible. I presume the BP test has a ton of BA in it, but I never expected it to hurt this much. At this point I'll be missing at least one lift day, and my squats yesterday were pretty ****ty.

    No chance I hit a lymph node, right? There's no edema; both legs look exactly the same.

  2. Virgin pins hurt, but I doubt you hit the RF with only a 1" pin. Massaging it out is an option to help alleviate it, but it's more of a waiting game than anything.
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  3. I agree with Rod. The first few times you pin a muscle group it can be more painful. It can also be attributed to other factors (mainly overall BA content.) I've never really had any significant issues with glutes at all; even with stuff that was higher in BA content. When I first started using the vastus lateralis site I experienced the same type of effects, though. In time it should get better as the muscle group becomes more sensitized to the procedure/oil.

    If you had any evidence of lymphedema your whole leg would be swollen. Given the circumstances here, it's not likely. It would be much more common to develop a localized lymphadenopathy if an infection/abscess were to develop; which would also include expanding erythema, increased swelling, and the development of a fever.

    It sounds like a combination of a virgin muscle and a product that has a good amount of BA content in it.


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  4. Cool, thanks for the input guys. I pinned my glute for the 2nd injection so we'll see if I get a similar reaction there. I can't wait to hit my other quad and lose the use of my left leg for a few days...

  5. Quote Originally Posted by snatch View Post
    Cool, thanks for the input guys. I pinned my glute for the 2nd injection so we'll see if I get a similar reaction there. I can't wait to hit my other quad and lose the use of my left leg for a few days...
    Believe me, I hear ya, brother. That's why I typically use a glute/delt rotation. I use legs on occasion, but I prefer not to. It doesn't look good when you're walking around half the week all the time like a cripple; especially at work.


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  6. My first pins left golfball sized knots in my glutes. Needless to say, I didn't continue to use that source.
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  7. Seven days ago my gf pinned my in the top of my thigh instead of the vastus lateralis. I wasn't paying attention to what she was doing as I can't watch her pin me. Ive The first three days it was painful to walk on and i couldnt bend my leg. It's almost healed up now but I'll never pin the quads again. Glutes and delts only!

  8. What sucks most about this is that I'm a weightlifter. All I do is pulls, squat, and put **** overhead--all of which require reliable knee flexion. I tried overhead pressing and almost broke my back returning the bar to my back because my right knee locked out from the pain. All I can really do is sit here and wait, already 4 days later.


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