Test- 350 10ml a week

  1. Test- 350 10ml a week

    Good day everyone,

    I have currently just started a 16week cycle of 10ml of Test-350 a week. I know some will call it crazy, but I just would like to know what kind of gains am I likely to get. Can someone please give me some indication. I am also using Hygertropin 4iu a day to assist in spot reduction around my abdominal area. This might sound like a silly question but will Test assist in weight loss... I am getting conflicting views and feedback as some say that it will cause weight gains while others state that it will assist in weight loss... please do advice. Thank you very much brothers.

    My stats:
    28yrs old

  2. Why the f*ck are you using 3500mg of test a week? do you realize how huge of a dose that is??

    you could get away with great gains at 1 1/2 - 2ml a week...especially for someone only 6' 200lb
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  4. 1000mg is top anything more the sides do more harm trhen good

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    Why the f*ck are you using 3500mg of test a week? do you realize how huge of a dose that is??

    you could get away with great gains at 1 1/2 - 2ml a week...especially for someone only 6' 200lb

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  10. Oh shoots my bad... my bad I just had a look at my stash... its Test 150 not 350 lolllll..... feel like a right nut head.... sorry bout that.... I knew something was way off when you said 3500 lolllll. Is 1500 too high gentlemen? The last thing that I want is more side effects then benefits... and if anyone has smart arse comments... please keep it to yourself.

  11. 3500mg/week?!?!?! Hello brain aneurysm! Hope your C/V system is in superhuman strength!

    Seriously, it seems like you are very new to this, anything over a gram a week is too much, but that number should be more like 500mg/week for you

  12. Let's put aside the enormous dosage (5-600mg a week is plenty).

    To answer your question: if you have an AI on hand (say Arimidex 0,5mg EOD), you mind your diet and you do lots of cardio you can lose bodyfat and gain lean body mass without too much water retention.

    When you are on test, the higher estrogen will lead to bloat and fat storage. If you keep estrogen under control (with your AI), test has shown to burn more fat.

    I speak out of personal experience.

  13. Bro's Thank you so very much for your honest and valuable input... I appreciate this very very much. Yes, I am very new to this, some of the muscle heads in my gym say that you need 2gm a week to grow massive and I was like WTF I don't want to be dead man... so I decided to stick to 1500mg. But with your explanation and added personal experience of using this stuff, it helps very much. How much of muscle mass did you manage to put on in your cycle bro? If you don't mind me asking.

  14. No one knows how you'll react to that much gear. In real life, many body builders use that much, in some combination or another. Right now I'm running a gram of test and 400mgs of mast per week, with a boost of prop before the half life. I'm not using any AI, due to the masteron. I feel fine with no apparent sides. But there is a point of diminished returns. I don't think you'll see much difference between 1 gram and 1.5 grams.

    Think about it for a minute. If you shoot 750mgs on Monday, your serum test levels may be up around 6000. By Wed evening, your levels will be around 2000. It drops that rapidly. Then you pin again Thursday and it goes back up to 6000+. By Monday, you're back down to 2000 or less. And as your serum test levels drop, your sides pick up. The extremes are not good for your body. If you want to run that much gear, in my opinion you're better off running 200mg prop ed. You will sustain fairly constant levels of serum test with the least amount of sides. In fact, I'd inject 100mg twice a day. Suspension is better, but it leaves your body so rapidly I'm afraid you'd need to pin three times a day to get constant levels. You could get away with twice a day, but timing would be everything. Or, do prop 100mg in the morning then suspension 100mgs before the workout.

    Running 1500 of Test E/C will yield about 800 actual mgs of test due to the esters. The rest is all estered weight and with it comes all the sides. I mean, 1500 sounds good on paper, but once you break it down it's not as good as it sounds.

  15. I'd actually ****in love to see this. If this guy is serious, run that **** with enough letro and I wanna see what will happen, although my gut feeling tells me same gains as a gram, with lethargy, reduced appetite, extreme hair loss, oily skin, ect.

  16. You have no idea what you are doing. Please do research before you permanently damage yourself (or don't, whatever). 500mg a WEEK is PLENTY.


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