last question before cycle

  1. last question before cycle

    I was planning to do a 12 week test-c cycle at 500mg/EW


    I have 3 (10ml vials at 250mg per ml)

    Question: Should I just do 625mg a week so I use all of it?

    Question: Should I keep it 500mg and add some EQ instead?

    I know people say 500 is fine for noobs and all that but people also say first timers get the best results n might as well up it a little and get awsome.

    Will be use nolva (20mg) if signs of gyno occur then take exemestane throughout cycle to prevent it (10mg ED or EOD).

    PCT: clomid/nolva combo along with creatine, bsn stuff, ect
    (not 100% on dosing..will depend on how bad I'm shutdown)

    Im 5'6, 150lbs pretty solid, strength to weight ratio is very good, I eat good and lift hard, goal is to be 165-170

  2. how old are u ?

  3. ummm ok.

  4. I'm 23. I might just kickstart with mdrol and keep it 500mg a week

  5. run 500 for 5 weeks, bump to 750 remaining.



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