anavar headaches

  1. anavar headaches

    Hi i am on day 9 of my anavar cycle 40mg a day and having light headaches when I take it should I stop the cycle ?

  2. I too am on day 9 of anavar, the 9th dose being taken just a few hours ago. I am taking twice your dose tho and am on test e as well.

    40mg is a pretty light dose from my understanding and I would be looking at other factors that might be causing your headaches. Caffeine, water intake, diet alterations, stress, sleep deprivation, and a host of others.
    Anavar's half life is 9 hours or so, meaning you have it "stable" in your system in around 2 days time assuming you are taking it ED. If you are hell bent that it is the Var, try lowering the dose by half for a couple of days. I think you are going to find that it isn't the Anavar.

    Just my 2 cents
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    lol in highschool i ran the original halodrol 50 for 8 weeks with clenbuterol and vodka as pct

  3. If you are not taking test with it anavar will make you feel like ass IMO

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    If you are not taking test with it anavar will make you feel like ass IMO
    x2...and drink more water and get more electrolytes in you

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