Well IDK......is sust good for the first time around?

  1. Well IDK......is sust good for the first time around?

    I originally thought of going with sustanon 250, but am unsure if that's wise or not. If I go with just a cyp, prop, or E, I would at least know what wrong if something indeed goes wrong.

    However, I've read that the first cycle always gives the most gains, so its best to go big with it.

    So does Sust. seem like a bright idea for the first real deal? I am uncertain what I want, so I haven't figured out dosing and such yet.

    First I oughta figure out what I want

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  2. I personally am not a fan of sust. I don't like multiple different esters in my cycle all releasing at different times. Prop is to frequent pinning and to much pain for a first cycle to deal with. Test Deconate is my favorite for a beginer.

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  3. sust is the most commonly faked test type. If u wanna be safe test e is the best to go with u can generally assume that the test e ur getting actually is test e (how its dosed is dependant on UGL or HG or whatever other factors there are).

    I wouldnt waste ur time with sust the pain from the prop is un-needed since the prop dosing isnt very high in the first place. Plus with longer esters less frequent pinning and still relatively stable blood/hormone levels are easier to achieve.

    The only blend i ever liked was andropen, and that stuff isnt around anymore.

    Oh and test e or prop is usually the cheapest. And test is test so weather ur getting test e or sust or whatever its all testosterone once u figure out the exact molecular weight its all the same in terms of dose/response.


  4. Well thanks for all the info!! I never thought about one more likely being fake than another.

    I did some more searching after reading this and I think test E, for 12 weeks, 250 2x a week, kicked off with the rest of my m-drol, is what I want to do.

    I think...LOL

    Thanks again!!
    True story:

    I give a f**K!!

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