advice on vacation

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    advice on vacation

    A little background.. I'm 9 wks into my test cycle.

    Did 1.5 bottles of test-cyp (500/wk)

    Now onto my last bottle which is test enth (250mg/cc), shooting 700/wk now.

    I'm going abroad in 4 days for a week so and I will not be able to bring my gear with me.

    Today I shot a .5 of what I had left of my sustanon 300 (thinking the long esters will last while I'm abroad).

    And I'm thinking the day I leave I'm going to shoot 2.5cc of the Test-E to the glute.

    Think this is a good plan? I'm banking on the fact that the pharmacies (Mexico) will have nolva if I need it, however I've never had any issues ever with gyno.

    What do you guys think?

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    sounds good u just better find some legit nolva haha
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    yeah the test-e at 2.5cc should carry you over, you should be good with the release time.

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