Test 250/ Anavar cycle

  1. Test 250/ Anavar cycle

    Ok so my buddy / co-worker has a connect to get pretty much what ever I want...So I'm contemplating a 10 week test cycle with Anavar..

    I already have the test but need to purchase the Var still, however he is telling me that it goes for $2.50 a pill at 10 mg...At that price am I getting ripped off or is that the norm??

    THis will be my FIRST cycle ever other than an 8 week EPI cycle that i finished in Dec..So I'm looking for advice from you all on how or what would be the best way to run this cycle, at what mgs? and for how long? Also should I run it at the start of the test cyle or at the end??

    I really want to do this correctly and I greatly appreciate all you advice..

    Thanks, sincerely

  2. You are getting ripped off man by a lot...

  3. Quote Originally Posted by gamer2be08 View Post
    You are getting ripped off man by a lot...
    thats what I thought...How much per pill is normal??

  4. I have seen it at around a $$$ for a 10mg tab... A lot cheaper than your price...

  5. ur getting ripped off. guys, leave the pricing out of this, its not allowed here

  6. WOW!!!! what is the big deal?? Why can't you tell me how much Im getting ripped off?? How is the forum suppossed to be educating if i can not get my questions answered?? If you cant discuss pricing on here then can someone PM me?

    and as for my other questions related to the best way cycle this, can someone enlighten me on that??

  7. real anavar is best run 40-50mg ed for 6-8 weeks.

    id do:

    Test E 500mg week 1-10
    Anavar 50mg ed 1-8

  8. I wont go into prices, but just FYI, there is no such thing as a "norm"...it all depends on where you are on the food chain, and what you're using.


  9. Is it pharm grade or UGL? I would pass at those $$$

  10. buy some halo and dose it at 100mg +, prolly better results from it
    Serious Nutrition Solutions


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