first cycle critique please?

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    Dude, just because you dont have any sides doesn't mean that he is the same. Did you get bloodwork done? The same reasctions you have at 100mg, he could have at 40mg, you don't know. Terrible advice to give someone who is starting their first cycle.

    sarms alone is a great first cycle....

  2. WTF does that have to do with your previous asinine comment?

  3. SO someone said no hcg during cycle? I hear different things from everyone. I was planning on using it to prevent testicle shrinkage since I hear the d bols can give you rasin nuts!. I have also read that it helps shorten and lessen the crash if done on cycle, prevent shutdown so early. IS this wrong?

  4. You can use HCG if you have it, its good stuff, you use it on cycle to keep your nuts from going into atrophy.


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