How would you run this?

  1. How would you run this?

    I have 3 250mg 20ml bottles of test-enan
    3 bottles of 200mg 20 ml EQ

    pct- have liquidex and nolvadex from agguys, and letro and nolvadex from chemone

    5'10 175 35 yrs old
    14.5% body fat

    This will be 2nd cycle

    what would you do with the stuff I have?

    test-enan 14 weeks 500 mg per week?
    eq 12 weeks 600 mg per week?

    Is there any legal supplement I can get to kickstart this cycle cant get my hands on anymore dbol

    Thanks in advance

  2. Test E 500mg/week 1-16
    EQ 600mg/week 1-16

    u can kickstart with any designer or "ph" u can get ur hands on

  3. any certain designer ph you would reccomend over any other?

  4. Quote Originally Posted by kidace1 View Post
    any certain designer ph you would reccomend over any other?
    mdrol. pplex. "tren". epi.....any of them will be beneficial.

  5. If your stats are correct I wouldn't even run it man. Save them until you've really put on some serious weight. Then use the gear in addition to even boost your gains that much more. At 168lbs and 5'10 it really doesn't seem like you've put the dedication and time in gym on on your diet to really reach your natural limit. Just my 2 cents.

  6. 175 not 168 but yes I realize what you are saying.

    I was at 190 but trying to lose this body fat has taken me down to 175 its like a no win situation, when I try to bulk up I can do it but it comes with a price, and when I try to shed some body fat I can do that also but at the price of losing my overall weight. So I am trying to focus less on what the scale says.

  7. Lean bulk mate, dont go dirty...

  8. I see.. well, if you run it then you'd better do it right. Cosign on nosnmiveins stack.

  9. thats why i figured eq would be good for a lean bulk from what I have read here. I will search for the log and check it out thanks

  10. Actually, I'd do the Test @ 600 too. Even it out with the EQ to ensure your libido will be in check :]

  11. everyone gains some fat when bulking. The fact of the matter is that if the end result is to get big and ripped ur going to have to go between bulking, mantenance, and cutting. EVeryone gains some fat even if it is a clean bulk the sheer amount of calories u take in cant all convert to muscle at once. Take a look at pro bodybuilders in their off season that should show u a little bit about what i am talking about. Just learn how to effectively cut, and bulk this will make using steroids much more fun, effective and benficial.

    Also if ur running a cycle for an extended period of time you should look into HCG.

  12. oh and if ur going to do test e u shoud try front loading it so it kicks in sooner.

  13. never heard of frontloading test-e

    I cant get hcg anywhere round here, no one wants to mess with it. I myself would be scared to mix it for fear of messing something up for I have read its sensitive to temp light and many things.

    Wish they had a way to have hcg premade with out all the mixing

  14. a lot of people i know front load test e, trust me its worth it. HCG really isnt that hard to mix provided u have the right stuff to do it. IE bacteriostatic water, sterile amps to put it in. And a refrigerator to keep it in. The half life is short to so u will have to mix it multiple times per cycle too.

    Its really simple u take HCG amp injet 1ml bactriostatic water and swirl it around until it becomes completely clear, then u draw it out and put it into a bigger amp/container and then add the appriopriate mixture ofbacteriostatic water to it. Lets say u hae 10,000 IU's and u wanna do injections of 500IU's. Then you would simply add 10ml (total) of bacteriostatic water to the hcg, and .5ml injection will yield you 500Iu's. Just make sure to store it in the refridgerator, and to never shake it when mixing only swirl it.

  15. good info needs to be a sticky on hcg use

  16. Eating clean with eq in there will be harder. I've only used oral bold but the hunger was immense. I would literally eat 2k calories in a sitting and still feel hungry.


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