backloading Test E cycle with Test Suspension?

  1. backloading Test E cycle with Test Suspension?

    You guys ever backload a long ester test cycle with a very fast acting test (prop or suspension)? I'm thinking of doing it for my next cycle.

    Something like:
    1-4 Dbol 20-40mg ED
    1-10 test e 500mg/week total (2 shots/week)
    1-12 HCG 200IU EOD
    11-12 test suspension 25mg 2x ED (subcutaneous)
    13-15 Nolvadex 40/20/20 &Aromasin 25mg ED

    I think it will make quick a quick turn around (obviously you can go from one day shooting test suspension to next day PCT cause suspension is such short acting). It will help the in between time from just test E (should wait a couple weeks to start PCT I hear with half gram/week).

    Make sense? (just double checking with you guys)

  2. test suspension has half-life of 4-8 hours (hence the need for shooting it 2x ED).

  3. he probably wants to keep taking something as long as he starts his pct. he'll have to wait for 2 weeks to start the pct after test e. he wants to take suspension during those 2 weeks n start his pct probably the very next day after hes done with those last 2 weeks of suspension.
    i dont like the idea either. plus shooting suspension twice a day... hell!!!
    btw.. ive seen cycles on some forums where ppl switch to prop from cyp. or he can use prop throughout the cycle. faster acting n he can start his pct 4 days after his last shot.
    im just giving my view. i dont have much experience.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Gixxer82 View Post
    No, that's a stupid idea. If you want 2 extra weeks, extend your cycle two weeks.
    Do you have any idea why somebody would want to do this? Or are you just blabbering?

    This way there is no taper basically (in fact test levels are slightly elevated the last 2 weeks of cycle). A long taper with test E (which is what the 2 week period with no shots is waiting for the depot to clear) will hinder gains and slow down recovery. This way you're basically switching on and then off immediately. Start PCT the day after finishing up the second week of suspension. Faster transition into PCT and out means more gains are maintained/kept.

    You can shoot test suspension in water, subcutaneously. So, I don't see what the big deal about 2x ED shots are. Its not like you're hammering yourself with 25g spike twice a day. Its a 29g insulin pin tagged underneath the skin around your obliques most likely. Easy.

  5. with guys like you here it beats me bro.



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