4th Cycle

  1. 4th Cycle

    I have run three cycles to date. The first was a typical Test E 500 mg/week for 10 weeks. Got surprisingly mediocre gains- tho my diet was not "on."

    7 months later, I took Anadrol (against my better judgement) for 4 weeks at 50mg a day, and blew up (both strength and weight gains) and kept most gains due to a very good pct.

    A year after that I used Sust 325 at 650 mg/wk for 12 weeks with mediocre gains, though my diet was excellent.

    My question is, I've been clean for over a year, and am considering my 4th cycle, but considering my past, I'm wondering A) Why I do not react well to test and B) Why I react very well to Anadrol

    If I could get some advice that would be appreciated. I think it may be due to their respective anabolic/androgenic ratios and my personal body chemistry. If this is so, I'm wondering what compounds would be better for gains. Obviously I do not want to run Anadrol alone.

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  3. If you don't like test that much, I would still suggest you use at least a TRT dose (just for optimal functioning, libido, etc) while using whatever else you do like. A lot of guys do this with Tren, EQ and orals.

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