Solid experience with the 1st time order

  1. Solid experience with the 1st time order

    My first review here. Just joined recently.

    If you are like me you get concerned with ordering from a new supplement store. I had issues in the past with stores I wont mention. So I do the research. Look for reviews. Read this forum etc etc. Overall the experience went well despite some confusion w/ the Nutriverse site. let me explain.

    Ordering took longer than expected cause of misleading brands list. There are multiple links to certain brands. You click on one link and a description to a product would be different on the other links. To the same product. Same image and name. One link would have a flavor of protein but not on the other. Makes you concerned which link is the right one and if the product is in stock or not. So I ordered what I believed was the correct products. Registering was standard, quick and easy and the order went through. Got the email confirmation and boom I was done. Right?
    Well, cause I usually overthink too much, lol, I started to get worried what I ordered was correct or not. For instance, one link of a product had "new formula" on the description. What I ordered it didn't say that. So next morning I wanted to do some more research on the site since I ordered very late the night before. On the site, they have something called Olark chat that has representatives able to real time chat with you. I was able to speak w/ a Max on that. Told him my situation and assured me that the products I ordered was up to date. They don't carry old formulas anyway. Also asked him if they had a certain flavor of a certain protein and he said yeah. Well that was KIND OF annoying since I ordered a second choice flavor. The flavor I wanted must have been on a different link. I asked him if these multiple links can be fixed to avoid confusion. He told me he knows the situation but at this point in time it would be difficult to change. Not really sure how difficult it would actually be but I left it alone. He then wanted my order # to make sure my order left immediately which I thought was really cool. A little after I gave it to him I got the email saying my order was ready to ship. Told him that next time I will just shop all links to the brand to make sure they have what I want.

    AND THERE WILL BE A NEXT TIME. Other than extra time to search through multiple links. Oh, and a lot of the products have "images coming soon" (Maybe its just me but I like to see what Im ordering) The overall experience was SOLID.
    I ordered very late on Sunday and received my package around noon today. Products were packaged nicely and they were what I wanted. No issues with them. Very happy.

    I hope this helps people when trying to decide if they want to order from Nutriverse. Take it from me. A guy who always over analyzes and does the research not only on products but where you are buying the products from as well. Give them a try. Granted it was the first time order but I like how they have products that other sites don't carry and the prices are reasonable. Shipping is steep but not a deal breaker for me. I will soon give reviews on the products I ordered as well. Did a ton of research on them too. lol

    BTW, shout out to @Volvo140G who also assured me that my products should not be out dated. You are correct, Sir. Thanks bud.

  2. Very thorough review thanks man! Glad to hear everything panned out as it should

    If you havent, sign up for our newsletter, we always have a sale going, often line drive sales on top brands, 15, 20, 25% off!

  3. Also worth noting, AM5 will take 5% off any product, anytime

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Volvo140G View Post
    Very thorough review thanks man! Glad to hear everything panned out as it should

    If you havent, sign up for our newsletter, we always have a sale going, often line drive sales on top brands, 15, 20, 25% off!
    Cool man. Thanks!

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