first im am 6'2 250 and train Westside Barbell. Since october i have been on a solid routine getting my maxes to bench:335, squat: 425, and deadlift 475. due to shoulder issues i dont bench anymore. anyways, my diet sucks. i dont drink cokes and have very little if any sweets. i mostly eat organic, but i cant seem to eat enough. since i have cleaned up my diet i cant pack away the amount of food i used to. typically i have oatmeal/blackberries/strawberries for breakfast, pre/post workout protein, brown rice mid day, and then a approx 2lb steak every night at 7 or 8. does this seem like enough food??? the only supps i take are the pre/post workout protein, fish oil, vit c, resveretrol, vit d3. have gained probobly 20lbs since october, and the only fat i notice is in my abdominal area. my stomach is almost flat, but no definition. is my diet bad, and what could i change??