i'm having complete blood work done at 8 sharp tomorrow so i know i gotta fast for 12 or so hours beforehand, which i'm in the process of doing. problem is.... i worked out at 7 and stupidly took a few scoops of this old Superpump i got here cuz i felt like giving myself a little boost. it's after one now and i still feel kinda jittery from the stimulants.... and to top it off i'm HUNGRY. the hunger is what's bothering me more so than the Superpump, i'm not that sensitive to that **** anymore (hence why i gotta take upwards of 3 scoops to feel it) .i can't fall asleep hearing my stomach growl constantly. the last time i ate was a full meal of eggs and potatoes and hour after my lift. (so around 9 ish tonight)

my question is..... would drinking a couple scoops of BCAAs now significantly affect my lab results tomorrow? or would the impact be negligible? i just wanna feel somewhat satiated before going to bed.

any immediate input would be appreciated!!