A question about testosterone..

  1. A question about testosterone..

    Well I was reading the reviews on a test booster and a comment someone left said something along the lines of "If you're not below 30 years old a test booster will not do anything for you due to the ammount of test you're already producing"

    However i'm 18 and i've done an 8 week cycle of jungle warfare in the past and it broke my plateu and gained a solid retained 6 pounds.

    However I havent gained a pound since then, so i was going to buy another two month cycle of it..but in light of this information i'm a bit riddled lol


  2. At 18 your body should be producing more than enough testosterone naturally, hence the comment about test boosters not helping people under 30. If your 18 and you've stopped making gains, it has nothing to do with your test production. It's either a diet or training problem. Your probably simply not eating enough. Thats the typical problem for someone your age who is struggling to continue making gains. Or maybe you need to switch up your training routine. I would tell you to avoid the JW also, first because your too young in my opinion, and second because there is a lot of controversy over JW and the possibility of it being suppressive. How about posting your current diet and training routine for everyone to look at and give you some advice on.

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