Glycogen stores and timing -

Glycogen stores and timing

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    Glycogen stores and timing

    How long does it take to refill your glycogen stores after you eat a meal?

    Say you eat a cup of scottish oatmeal. How long until this has a direct effect on filling up glycogen stores? 1 hour? 2?

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    Liver glycogen will be almost 100% resynthesized after one good carb meal (50-75gr) and total muscle glycogen resynthesis takes up to 11 hours.

    Best formula for repletion is 1gr of carbs/2lbs of lean body weight, with protein being at 1:4 or 1:3 ratio with the carbs.

    So something like 50gr carbs and 12.5-17gr of protein every hour for 4 hours, and if you cant do that at night, continue to do so in the morning.

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